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12 Dec 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

Statement from Mercy Corps Country Director for South Sudan, Janardhan Rao, ahead of the fifth anniversary of the conflict in South Sudan

Following the signing of the peace agreement in September, there is some cause for optimism following five years of war in South Sudan. Though we cannot afford to be cynical about peace - too many lives depend on it - we must be realistic. Implementing the peace agreement and maintaining peace in a country that has known only war will be the bigger challenge for many, many years to come.

29 Sep 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

Statement from Megan Doherty, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy, Mercy Corps

Good morning. On behalf of the global humanitarian and peacebuilding organization, Mercy Corps, I thank OCHA for organizing this discussion as well as the panelist, Angelina Nyajima for her powerful words. Her courage in addressing gender-based violence is a model to all of us.

21 Sep 2018 description

UK aid agency CAFOD has joined other British NGOs working with vulnerable communities affected by the conflict in South Sudan, in welcoming the signing of the latest peace agreement, but warns that any sustainable peace in the country needs to include the critical role of civil society.

In their joint statement released to mark International Day of Peace, it says:

20 Sep 2018 description

On International Day of Peace 21st September, we, the undersigned international NGOs, would like to draw attention to the urgent need for peace in South Sudan.

12 May 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

Filed by: Meghan Prichard
Digital Content Manager

Soon after Grace learned to walk, she learned to flee.

Now 29 years-old, she has fled to Uganda two separate times because of conflict in her home country of South Sudan.

Grace, like so many other South Sudanese people, was forced to leave her home behind to save herself and her four children from violence. Last time she fled with her family — at the age of 2 — was also due to conflict.

She hopes she’ll be able to return home again soon.

06 Mar 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

Every day, 9,000 people lose access to food

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – The global organization Mercy Corps warns that every day, from now until April, an estimated 9,000 people in South Sudan will lose access to food. Fueled by the protracted conflict and subsequent massive displacement of people, the crisis is on the verge of catastrophic.

05 Mar 2018 description

This paper will present evidence on how cash transfers empowers conflict affected populations. The evidence is based on two projects implemented by DCA in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Furthermore, the paper present evidence on how the two projects successfully linked cash and protection. 14, 520 beneficiaries (80% females) including 26 vendors benefited from the projects.

07 Feb 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

Global organization Mercy Corps calls on all parties to recommit to peace efforts

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – With the hunger season in South Sudan expected to begin three months earlier than usual, the global organization Mercy Corps is warning that households are already running out of food, threatening starvation and even death.

17 Jan 2018 description
report Mercy Corps

The global order is changing, and 2018 represents a critical juncture. How can we address conflict, climate change, and other issues that are affecting families around the world?

Read on to learn more in this Q&A with Neal Keny-Guyer, who was served as Mercy Corps' CEO since 1994.

You’ve noted that we’re living in a time of unprecedented confluence of complex crises around the world — in places like Syria, Yemen and the Horn of Africa. Are these distinct events, or are they linked by larger forces?

14 Dec 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

Global organization Mercy Corps calls for urgent cease-fire

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – On the fourth anniversary of the start of the conflict in South Sudan, Mercy Corps is calling for an immediate cease-fire, which the global organization says is urgently needed to save lives in the country.

In four short years, four million civilians out of a population of 12 million have been forced to flee their homes, with 2.1 million made refugees in other countries in what is now Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

06 Dec 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

For nearly a year, relentless conflict and natural disaster have put more than 20 million people in four countries across Africa and the Middle East at risk of starvation. For just as long, Mercy Corps has been dedicated to helping people in the hardest-hit communities survive, meet their emergency needs and build a foundation for eventual recovery.

Get the facts about famine ▸

12 Oct 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

“We thought the world had forgotten about us” is one of the most common refrains that Deepmala Mahla, Mercy Corps’ country director for South Sudan, hears when she arrives in a new village.

While South Sudan is no longer technically experiencing famine, the reality on the ground remains dire. An estimated 6 million people — more than half the population — are at risk, and 1.7 million people require immediate assistance.

10 Jul 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

By Amy Fairbairn, Media and Communications Manager

I’m on a dusty road just outside our Mercy Corps offices in Nyal, South Sudan. It’s hot, and my pale skin is burning under the midday sun. As I look around, I repeat the following sentence over and over to myself: “We believe in the power of possibility.” But I’m finding it hard to keep that focus.

09 Jun 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

The refugee crisis is a human crisis: Behind the statistics are people filled with unique life experiences and dreams for the future. They are mothers longing to return home, fathers yearning to work again, children searching for a childhood.

We are witnessing a massive shift of humanity unlike any seen before. More than 65 million people around the world—roughly the population of France—are displaced from their homes. More than 11 million of them are from just five places: Syria, Afghanistan, the Lake Chad basin, South Sudan, and Somalia.

15 May 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

Editor's note: This article was originally published February 3, 2017; it was updated May 15, 2017 to reflect the latest information.

Every day, a staggering number of South Sudanese refugees arrive at Uganda’s northern border in search of safety. Over the past months, their numbers have dramatically increased, with an average of 2,100 daily arrivals. Uganda now hosts almost **900,000 refugees** from South Sudan.

02 May 2017 description
report Mercy Corps

Once full of thriving communities with active markets, the county of Koch in South Sudan has become battered by conflict and displacement.

Since 2013, thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and livelihoods in search of safety in surrounding areas, including into the swamplands. For those who stayed — or for the few who have returned — all that is left are burned shelters, looted crops and cattle, and roads, markets and schools destroyed by war.