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22 Aug 2017 description


  • Cholera remains a public health emergency in South Sudan. Cumulatively, 19 742 cholera cases including 355 deaths (Case fatality Rate 1.8 per cent) were reported in 24 counties since June 2016 with 11 counties still having active transmission of the disease.

28 Jul 2017 description

Reporting period: 1 – 30 June 2017


  • The cholera cases have reached unprecedented levels in South Sudan. Currently there are with active transmission in 11 Counties. Both health partners and core pipeline are overstretched requiring different approaches to ensure continuity of the response.

26 Jul 2017 description

Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan and the food security situation is of grave concern in 7 other countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, and Yemen. In these countries, 42.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance and 41.8 million are in phase 3-5 Integrated Phase Classification between June and September 2017.

19 Jun 2017 description

Reporting period: 1 – 31 May 2017


  • Cholera remains a high public health concern with outbreaks reported in several counties. Cumulatively 5 081 cases and 169 deaths reported in 10 out of the 80 counties.

  • Conflict continues to causes wide-spread displacement of people in several States requiring a number of health responses.

30 Apr 2017 description

Reporting period: 1 – 30 April 2017


  • To equip frontline humanitarian actors with life-saving psychosocial support skills, the National Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Coordination Group provided a three day training on psychological first aid (PFA) and InterAgency Standing Committee Mental and Psychosocial Support Guidelines.

24 Apr 2017 description

Reporting period: 1 – 31 March 2017


  • The Ministry of Health convened the Third Health Summit with the theme “Harnessing strong partnerships for a resilient health system towards attainment of Universal Health Coverage” to encourage partners to work together with the Ministry and others in building a well-functioning resilient health system looking towards the larger goal of achieving Universal Health Coverage.

31 Jan 2017 description

Reporting period: 1 – 31 January 2017


  • The scale and magnitude of the crisis, and the speed at which it is deteriorating, is alarming and profound. Besides, the continued and sharp devaluation of the South Sudanese pound has affected all population groups. This rapid depreciation has dramatically increased the prices of imported food and non-food commodity.
    Over 200 000 IDPs are in PoCs and about 277 610 are displaced in greater Equatorial region.

18 Aug 2016 description


 Health partners have reported a sharp increase in the influx of IDPs in the Bentiu PoC site, Unity State and are responding to the increasing needs. Mass casualty plans have been updated, while WHO is supporting partners on the ground with provision of anti-malarials, other medicines and surgical kits

26 Jul 2016 description
  • 64 cases reported foem Gorom area of Rejaf are not shown on the map

  • No location data available for 3 cases

13 Jul 2016 description

Ce bulletin présente un résumé de la réponse du secteur santé à la crise centrafricaine au cours des cinq premiers mois de l’année 2016. Il met surtout en exergue les principales actions réalisées par les partenaires dans les zones prioritaires retenues dans le plan opérationnel 2016 du cluster santé et les foyers d’épidémie


  • Le 30 mars 2016 a officiellement marqué la fin de trois années de transition politique en République centrafricaine


11 Jul 2016 description

Ce bulletin spécial présente un résumé de la réponse du secteur santé aux flambées de Fièvre Jaune et de Choléra en République Démocratique du Congo jusqu’au 30 juin 2016. Il met surtout en exergue les principales actions réalisées par les partenaires dans les zones affectées par ces deux maladies .


Déclaration de l’épidémie de fièvre jaune par le Ministère en charge de la santé publique