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19 Nov 2018 description

Nairobi - Près de 400 000 mouvements de migrants ont été enregistrés à Djibouti, en Ethiopie et en Somalie pendant le premier semestre 2018, soit au moins 2 000 personnes par jour en moyenne.

Il s’agit d’une zone à forte activité migratoire, caractérisée par une migration appelée « composite », qui se définit comme le déplacement de plusieurs groupes de population différents pour des motifs divers.

16 Nov 2018 description


The International Organization for Migration (IOM)continues to be actively involved in anumber of Migrants' Assistance projects and Human Mobility data collection activities in the Horn of Africa (HoA) and in the Arab Peninsula. This report aims atproviding an overview ofthe trends observed in thefirst halfof 2018 in theregion, across Ethiopia,Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen.

10 Nov 2018 description

Foreword from the Regional Director

"We commend the Government of Rwanda for passing its first-ever law relating to the “prevention, suppression and punishment of trafficking in persons and exploitation of others"

09 Nov 2018 description

Nairobi – Nearly 400,000 migrant movements were recorded in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia during the first six months of 2018 – an average of 2,000 or more individuals per day.

It is an active migration zone, characterized by what is considered “mixed” migration – or the movement of different population groups for a variety of reasons.

06 Nov 2018 description

Nairobi – Eight countries in the East and Horn of Africa have committed to the establishment of “inter-agency cross-border technical working groups” that would facilitate the implementation of 22 identified good practices meant to boost cooperation and improve the efficiency of border operations.

01 Nov 2018 description

Executive Summary

In 2017 the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in South Sudan conducted a survey on fuelefficient stoves and methods of their use and production. The survey and testing was set against a backdrop of continued crisis in South Sudan which has caused over 270,000 internally displaced persons to seek protection in displacement sites in proximity to bases of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

01 Nov 2018 description

This report is the result of a fire risk reduction assessment carried out by a team from Fire Aid in March 2018.
Commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the combination desktop review and on-site assessment aimed to assess fire risk; community practices, opinions, and responses towards fire; and identify practical strategies for reducing the risk of fire in the Wau Protection of Civilian Adjacent Area (PoCAA), an IDP camp under the protection of UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) peacekeeping forces.

25 Oct 2018 description

Nairobi – Rare face-to-face meeting: Directors-general for immigration and heads of border security from Horn of Africa region are meeting to discuss common challenges in border management. This high-level Regional Border Management workshop is organised by the UN migration Agency IOM and will take place at the Azura Hotel in Nairobi (Kenya) on the 24th to the 26th of October.

23 Oct 2018 description

Quarter 3 Accomplishments

During Quarter 3, IOM rapidly scaled up mobile interventions of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services and gender-based violence (GBV) prevention in remote locations and continued to operate in seven different states of the country. In addition, IOM manages 50 percent of the WASH Core Pipeline in South Sudan, successfully supporting the WASH Cluster and humanitarian partners to maintain a high level of preparedness.

Gender-Based Violence Prevention Mainstreaming

23 Oct 2018 description

Mobility Tracking

During the reporting period, DTM has released Event Tracking updates and a focus report based on round 2 findings. The team has increased its coverage, accessing 57 counties, 262 payams in nine states for round 3 (up from 46 counties, 225 payams in eight states for round 2). The team is processing collected data for a publication in the forthcoming reporting period.

Flow Monitoring

23 Oct 2018 description

Transition & Recovery Updates

The Transition and Recovery Unit (TRU) continues to provide opportunities for communities to benefit from peacebuilding and social cohesion initiatives, including expanding livelihood opportunities and essential rehabilitation of interdependent community infrastructure. The peace dividends interventions seek to enhance and nurture positive interaction, and peaceful coexistence among IDPs returnees and host communities.

Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

23 Oct 2018 description

Border and Migration Management

IOM South Sudan Migration Management Unit (MMU) supports the Government of South Sudan in building capacities on border and migration management through enhancing skills, knowledge and infrastructure, as well as interagency cooperation among border agencies and regional integration and cooperation, particularly with other East African Community (EAC) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) member states.

Strengthened Regional Integration and Cooperation

23 Oct 2018 description

MHU Accomplishments

The IOM Migration Health Unit (MHU) provided life-saving medical care and emergency response via seven static clinics and six mobile clinics in the states of Western Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile, and Unity. HIV and AIDS prevention activities were conducted in 18 sites across the ten states of South Sudan.


56,151 consultations provided in 7 IOM static clinics in PoC sites and collective centres

17,356 children under 5 years provided with nutritional screenings

23 Oct 2018 description


89,753 individuals reached with MHPSS services in Q3

3,101 caregivers supported through home visits and inclusion in support group activities and counselling

7,449 individuals joined MHPSS peer support groups

8,456 individuals provided Psychological First Aid (PFA)

89 INGOS, NGOs, government, UN, and faith- and community-based organizations which provide MHPSS services in South Sudan provided inputs to the MHPSS TWG 4ws.

23 Oct 2018 description


4,835 metric tons of humanitarian cargo transported in Q3

53 humanitarian agencies supported by CTS in Q3

16,536 metric tons of humanitarian cargo transported on behalf of 84 organizations since January 2018

150 vechicles in the IOM fleet, including 85 light vehicles, 40 cargo, dump and utility trucks, and 25 heavy constuction machines and tractors

Logistics & CTS Updates