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26 Jul 2013 description

On July 9, 2013, South Sudan celebrated its second birthday as the world's youngest nation. Since the country acquired its independence, the South Sudanese government has made several remarkable policy decisions. One of the most spectacular was its one-year halt on oil production—an audacious move for a country that is more than 97 percent dependent on oil revenues. Although Sudan and South Sudan were on the brink of war after their separation, the two governments have since managed to achieve an impressive balancing act in their relations.

11 Dec 2012 description

Peacebuilding – understood as a broad range of activities to solidify peace and avoid the relapse into violent conflict – has become central to the self-conception of the EU as a foreign policy actor. The concept has been making inroads into different EU policy areas such as security and defence, development cooperation, enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy. At the same time, the dominant approach to peacebuilding has increasingly come under fire because of its failure to produce durable peace in many countries.

21 Feb 2012 description

South Sudan is in the process of becoming the international community's next big state-building project, as donors seek to avert the danger of South Sudan imploding amid internal conflicts. Even under a strong leadership focused on development, progress in the establishment and consolidation of the new state would likely be slow. But the prevailing political conditions are far from providing a favourable environment for state-building.