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16 Aug 2012 description

Emergency air drops have begun over South Sudan to reach refugees in Upper Nile State with urgently needed food. In South Sudan for a three-day visit, WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin said that air drops over the coming weeks would help to feed more than 100,000 refugees who have fled the fighting north of the border.

JUBA—A series of emergency air drops of food for refugees in South Sudan launched Wednesday as a plane from Ethiopia dropped 32 metric tons of wheat over Upper Nile State in the northwestern part of the country.

16 Aug 2012 description

At the beginning of July 2012, Handicap International sent an evaluation team to South Sudan to assess the severity of the humanitarian crisis and respond promptly to the needs of the most vulnerable people.

More than 160,000 people have fled the conflict in Sudan to seek refuge in South Sudan, according to the United Nations. But the infrastructure is extremely fragile in this country which was only created in July 2011 following the partition of Sudan.

16 Aug 2012 description
report Adeso

by Anne-Marie Schryer-Roy

As part of Adeso’s Livelihood Support for Returnees and Host Communities (LSRHC) project in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan, Merry was provided with a Livelihood Support Grant of 1,080 SSP (USD 300) to start a small retail shop. Prior to receiving the grant, her family had a shop at the edge of their compound selling small grocery items, so Merry decided to invest some of her grant in this existing business to increase its income.

15 Aug 2012 description

UNMAS clearance operations support agricultural development and improve livelihoods.

15 Aug 2012 description

Today I am pleased to announce that the United Nations World Food Programme has begun air drops of urgently needed food to refugees in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State. I have been in South Sudan for the last two days meeting mothers and children whom we assist in the world’s newest nation.

15 Aug 2012 description
report Sudan Tribune

August 14, 2012 (JUBA) – South Sudan has launched a forum to address concerns of human rights as the country tries to clean its image after numerous reports documenting human rights violations in the young nation.

Many national and international human rights groups have produced various reports depicting an unpleasant situation in the 13-month old country and calling on the authorities to correct the state of affairs.

15 Aug 2012 description

Handicap International mobilizes teams to help the most vulnerable

More than 160,000 people have fled to South Sudan from the conflict in Sudan, according to the United Nations. Only the infrastructure that greets them in the year-old country of South Sudan is extremely weak.

To prevent and reduce disabilities, Handicap International is planning an initial, six-month emergency response, which includes improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable people.

15 Aug 2012 description

Consejo de Derechos Humanos 21º período de sesiones
Tema 3 de la agenda

Promoción y protección de todos los derechos humanos, civiles, políticos, económicos, sociales y culturales, incluido el derecho al desarrollo


15 Aug 2012 description

Human Rights Council Twenty-first session Agenda item 3

Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development


15 Aug 2012 description
report Miraya FM

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 08:06 Muna Tesfai

The Ministry of Agriculture has signed a joint venture agreement with the Kenyan Cooperative Bank to support farmers in rural areas.

The agreement will see the formation of cooperative societies and credit unions, where farmers can access funds and bank their proceeds.

The government of South Sudan will hold 51% share in the cooperative societies and credit unions, while the Kenya Cooperative Bank will hold the remaining 49%.

15 Aug 2012 description
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Key Findings and Issues

(Briefly discuss key findings)

According to the acute analysis The Country was classified into in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 in some areas like drought prone areas and insecure areas.

15 Aug 2012 description
report Oxfam

La hausse des prix alimentaires menace des millions de vies

Des millions de gens parmi les plus pauvres seront confrontés à de graves problèmes en raison de la forte hausse des prix alimentaires.

En effet, le système alimentaire mondial présente de sérieux problèmes que les décideurs politiques n'ont pas le courage de prendre en main, préférant miser sur les ressources bon marché qu'ils ont tenues pour acquises pendant 30 ans. Mais cette époque est désormais révolue.

14 Aug 2012 description
report Government of Egypt

Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a shipment of medical equipment as a gift from Egypt to the South Sudanese hospitals. The shipment contained a number of medical devices, including three transportable x-ray set.

14 Aug 2012 description
report Sudan Tribune

August 13, 2012 (JUBA) - The Abyei Joint Oversight Committee (AJOC) have signed a pact highlighting the necessity to strengthen social ties and to embrace living in harmony to restore and promote peaceful coexistence between the groups which have rival claims over the disputed area.

The fertile oil-producing region, which lies on the new international border between Sudan and South Sudan, is claimed by both sides and has been the source of much tension since South Sudan’s independence.

14 Aug 2012 description
report Sudan Tribune

August 14, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The visiting Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), and the Sudanese foreign ministry officials on Monday discussed the implementation of the tripartite initiative in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, before flying to Juba in South Sudan.

Sudan and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement–North (SPLM-N) signed earlier this month a deal to deliver humanitarian assistance to the civilians in the rebel held areas. The aid will be distributed from the Sudanese territory and monitored by African Union and Arab league observers.

14 Aug 2012 description

IOM, working with UNICEF, has helped two teenage Kenyan victims of human trafficking to return home from South Sudan.

In the first case of its kind handled by IOM South Sudan, the teenagers, who were recruited in a rural Kenyan community for domestic servitude and later forced marriage, escaped and were referred to IOM and UNICEF by the Kenyan community.

14 Aug 2012 description
report Sudan Tribune

August 13, 2012 (JUBA) - South Sudan and Cuba step up bilateral cooperation in the area of capacity building and transfer of technology to the new country.

The outgoing Cuban ambassador to South Sudan, Clara Pulido Escandell, discussed with South Sudan leadership the importance of realizing the bilateral cooperation between Juba and Havana, particularly in the health, livestock and agricultural sectors.

14 Aug 2012 description

9 August 2012 – The UNMISS HIV/Aids Unit held a one-day sensitization forum today for 52 students of Arop Yor Secondary School in the Upper Nile State capital of Malakal to increase awareness about the deadly disease.

The forum aimed to educate them about how the human immunodeficiency virus is transmitted and what measures can be taken to prevent its spread.

School headmaster Isaac Shamijwok thanked the mission and urged them to conduct similar forums for students in other schools.

14 Aug 2012 description

By Saul Guerrero

Evaluation, Learning & Accountability Advisor

ACF’s culture of evaluations helps improve its global impact by identifying common strengths, weaknesses and best practices.

Action Against Hunger has a long harnessed internal and external reviews to determine how our programs stand up against measures of impact, sustainability, relevance, coherence, coverage, effectiveness and efficiency.