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13 Nov 2017 description
  • Total number of refugees (arrived since December 2013) 453,258
  • Total arrivals in 2017 186,002
  • Total arrivals in Oct 2017 1,490

In addition, Sudan also hosts an estimated 350,000 South Sudanese refugees who were residing in Sudan before secession of South Sudan. GoS estimates the number of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan to be 1.2M.

12 Nov 2017 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il couvre la période du 26 octobre au 8 novembre 2017. Le prochain rapport sera publié vers le 22/11/2017.

Faits saillants

  • Un conflit foncier entraîne des pertes humaines et des déplacements de personnes.

  • PEAR Plus assistera plus de 200 000 personnes dans trois zones de santé.

Aperçu de la situation

12 Nov 2017 description

Key messages

  • The benchmark US wheat price declined in October mostly because of higher supply prospects while maize quotations firmed due to rain-induced harvest delays. International rice prices strengthened in October, mainly reflecting seasonally tight Japonica and fragrant supplies.

11 Nov 2017 description

Deyr rains performed poorly in October in southern Somalia, with increases in early November


  • The onset of the Deyr (October to December) season was significantly delayed over parts of southern and central Somalia by 20-30 days. Rainfall totals in October were less than 50 percent of average, following by increases in rainfall during the first 10 days of November. Seasonal performance has been better in neighboring areas Ethiopia, where rainfall has been average to above average.

11 Nov 2017 description

In September, more than 1,000 newly arrived South Sudanese refugees were biometrically registered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); all of them at Meri and Biringi refugee sites.

UNHCR increased its support for school fees, uniforms and school supplies and covers the expenses for over 6,000 primary school-aged refugee children and 800 children from the local communities.

Almost 10,000 families received their monthly cash grants at Meri and Biringi sites, allowing them to purchase goods according to their own needs and priorities.

10 Nov 2017 description


The Logistics Cluster enables global, regional and local actors to meet humanitarian needs.

Before crises, we work with the stakeholders in high-risk countries and regions to strengthen local capacities working with governments and local actors on system-wide preparedness and contingency planning.

In crises, where local capacities have been exceeded, we provide leadership, coordination, information and operational services.

10 Nov 2017 description

1,379,768 Total refugees and asylum-seekers in country (as of 31 October 2017)

1,037,359 Total S.Sudan refugees and asylum-seekers in country (as of 31 October 2017)

348,782 S.Sudan new arrival in country (1 Jan - 9 Nov 2017)

61% Of population are children under 18

82% of the Population are women and children <18

2% Of the population are eldery

51% Of all South Sudan refugees are in Uganda

10 Nov 2017 description


Since the outbreak of conflict in South Sudan, many children have been forced to go to school in UN protection of civilians sites or POCs in six locations across the country.

Bor POC, in conflict-ridden Jonglei, state hosts 741 primary school children. Many lack books or writing materials and have to sit on the floor when they attend lessons.

Now Nepalese police officers serving as part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), are struggling to make up for the lack of education materials.

10 Nov 2017 description


The humanitarian situation in Sudan’s Blue Nile state continues to deteriorate. A combination of ongoing violence, flooding, and poor access to food forced 27,000 people to flee their homes in September. The crisis is also forcing people to take more desperate measures, increasing their risk of danger.


10 Nov 2017 description

Epidemic Trends
- Cholera transmission reported in two counties [Juba and Budi] in the last four weeks [42- 45, 2017].
- Two samples from Bentiu PoC tested negative for cholera by culture (table 2).
- During the last four weeks, cholera cases have been reported from Juba and Budi. The cholera trend in the two counties is on the decline (Table 1). During the same period, four deaths were reported from Budi (2) and Juba (2) (Table 1).

09 Nov 2017 description

Despite a recent improvement in seasonal rainfall, dryness remains in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Increased seasonal rainfall was recorded in Somalia and northeastern Kenya, helping to mitigate early-season moisture deficits, although dryness remains. Average to above-average rainfall forecast in mid- November is expected to continue to provide relief to the region.

  2. Heavy rainfall continues to sustain the risk for flooding in southeastern Kenya and northeastern Tanzania.

09 Nov 2017 description

As of 31 October, United Nations-coordinated appeals and refugee response plans within the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require US$24.1 billion to meet the humanitarian needs of 105.1 million particularly vulnerable people of an estimated 145 million crisis-affected people in 39 countries. The appeals are funded at $11.8 billion, leaving a shortfall of $12.3 billion. This is $1.5 billion less than the gap reported at the end of September 2017.