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31 Jan 2018 description

DTM monitors population movement at 12 border crossing locations between Somalia and neighbouring countries. Cross-border movements remained at similar levels until September 2017, when an increase was observed across Somalia due to droughts and conflicts. In October, a total of 7,590 individuals were recorded in the Gedo and Lower Juba regions, mainly in Doolow, Tulo Barwako, Dhobley, and Diif. Individuals were almost equally identified as entering (47%) and exiting (53%) Somalia.

22 Jun 2017 description



06 Jun 2014 description

Mexico – Severe Weather

• After landfall, Tropical Cyclone BORIS has been reduced to a low pressure area which may interact with a second low pressure system that formed in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, heavy rainfall is expected to continue affecting the southern states of Mexico. (GDACS, NASA, NOAA, CONAGUA, Media)

Somalia – Crisis

27 Nov 2013 description

Despite a slight increase in rainfall across many anomalously dry parts of eastern Kenya in November, seasonal moisture deficits are expected to negatively impact the region.

20 Nov 2013 description

Drier conditions expected during the next week across East Africa, following anomalously heavy rainfall in mid-November.

06 Nov 2013 description
  • The passage of a weak tropical disturbance is expected to produce heavy amounts of rainfall over northern Somalia.
  • Poor October rainfall across parts of central and eastern Kenya, as well as, southern Somalia lead to strengthening moisture deficits in the region.

1) The development of a tropical disturbance in the northwestern Indian Ocean is expected to move west and bring significantly heavy amounts of rainfall across the Gulf of Aden and Somalia.