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31 Dec 2016 description

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) monitors trends in staple food prices in countries vulnerable to food insecurity. For each FEWS NET country and region, the Price Bulletin provides a set of charts showing monthly prices in the current marketing year in selected urban centers and allowing users to compare current trends with both five-year average prices, indicative of seasonal trends, and prices in the previous year.

31 Dec 2016 description
report Concern Worldwide

Written by Kieran McConville

For three years there have been waves of violence and conflict in South Sudan, driving over three million people from their homes, over of a million of them fleeing the country altogether. Since July of this year the situation has worsened, with thousands of families crossing the border into Uganda every week. On just one day, December 13, over 7,000 people arrived in the neighboring country, seeking refuge.

31 Dec 2016 description

The need to build peace

31 Dec 2016 description

Activated in 2011, the Shelter and Non-Food Item (S-NFI) Cluster coordinates the provision of lifesaving household items and shelter materials to conflict and disaster-affected people in South Sudan. Since the onset of the conflict in 2013, the Cluster has focused on the delivery of flexible, timely and needs-based interventions, particularly in areas that have been affected by multiple humanitarian crises.

31 Dec 2016 description


Trends and developments: 2016

Despite some progress in certain country situations, increasingly complex conflicts have resulted in widespread violations against children with occurrences of 6 grave violations documented.1

In 2016, there were at least 4,000 verified grave violations by Government forces and over 11,500 by non-State armed groups. Many more violations remain unattributed.


31 Dec 2016 description

During this quarter the TDRP made significant strides in supporting planning for the next phase of the African Union DDR Program (DDRCP) and has also continued to provide technical and financial assistance at the country level in CAR, DRC, Mali and South Sudan. Knowledge management support has also been provided to Yemen. This report contains brief updates of work undertaken at country level over the last quarter and a more in depth profile is provided of our work with the African Union (AU).

31 Dec 2016 description
  • Livestock contributes 40 percent of the global value of agricultural output and supports the livelihoods and food security of almost 1.3 billion people.

  • Half of the 800 million people living below USD 1.9/day depend on livestock, with both 95 percent of the extreme poor and 75 percent of all poor livestock keepers living in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Protracted crises affect the livestock sector in several ways.

31 Dec 2016 description

Humanitarian Context

The humanitarian context in Sudan in 2016, especially during the first half of the year, saw a major increase in the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance. Significant new internal displacement occurred from Darfur’s Jebel Marra area due to conflict, there was an increase in the number of food insecure people as a result of poor harvests related to the El Niño phenomenon and a refugee influx from South Sudan continued throughout 2016.

30 Dec 2016 description

Situation Overview

  • Note any prior assessments (eg IRNA) and attach to this report

  • If no prior assessment has been done. summarise information gathered through questionnaire at Annex 1

30 Dec 2016 description


Daily arrival figures from July 2016 are based on manual emergency registration or head-counts/wrist-banding.
Confirmed figures will be available as the new arrivals undergo biometric registration.
Figures prior to July are from the Government’s Refugee Information Management System (RIMS).


Number of new arrivals between the 21st and 27th December 2016


Daily average of new arrivals between 21st and 27th of December 2016

30 Dec 2016 description


  • In West Africa, regional staple food production during the 2016/17 marketing year is expected to be well above average.
    Staple food prices declined and remained near average as supplies increased in November with the arrival of recent harvests and continued international rice and wheat imports. Persistent depreciation of the Naira (NGN) has led to price increases across Nigeria, especially for rice, and reduced purchasing power for Sahelian livestock and cash crops.