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31 Dec 2013 description


Towards Egypt:

Israel reported that 36 iregular migrants had been intercepted trying to enter Israel from its southern border with Egypt in 2013 in comparison to over 10,000 intercepted in 2012, 17,000 in 2011 and nearly 15,000 in 2010. Mass migrant/asylum seeker protests were reported in December 2013 and January 2014 bemoaning a 1 year detention law and agitating for the adjudication of asylum and protection claims by migrants/asylum seekers.

26 Dec 2013 description

UNHCR operational highlights

• UNHCR and CNR organized a joint mission in Bas-Congo Province for registration of exemption claims over the cessation of Angolan refugee status for those living Tseke zole, Mfuiki, Lundu and Matende Kimbianga. The mission met some 481 Angolan refugees (171 families). The Eligibility Committee has exempted them later in the month.

26 Dec 2013 description



18 Dec 2013 description


· Sporadic fighting kills over 100 people and displaces more than 100,000 others in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan

· South Sudan imposes a curfew following a failed coup attempt

· Humanitarian actors report a funding shortfall of US$11.9 million for more than 140,000 Ethiopia migrants being received from Saudi Arabia

· The more than 55,000 illegal immigrants expelled from Tanzania are still in need of humanitarian assistance

05 Dec 2013 description
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Monthly Price Watch
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Price Watch Annex


  • In West Africa, market supplies improved throughout the region in October due to average ongoing harvests. Carryover stocks were average to above-average in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Benin but below-average in many areas of the Niger and Nigeria due to the effects flood and conflict that disrupted the marketing system in 2012 and early 2013. Stable rice imports from international markets contributed to food availability in Senegal and Mauritania (Pages 3-5).

02 Dec 2013 description

Agrafer les marchés alimentaires en Afrique de l'Est: Le maïs blanc est la céréale de base principale consommées en Tanzanie, au Kenya et en Ethiopie. En Ouganda, le maïs blanc est cultivé principalement en tant que culture commerciale pour l'exportation dans la région. Le riz importé est un aliment de base majeur pour Djibouti et la Somalie, qui consomment principalement Belem-le riz importé rouge. La Tanzanie est également un producteur majeur et source de riz dans la région tandis que le Kenya et l'Ouganda sont de petits producteurs.

27 Nov 2013 description

Despite a slight increase in rainfall across many anomalously dry parts of eastern Kenya in November, seasonal moisture deficits are expected to negatively impact the region.

27 Nov 2013 description

Rains have been delayed in the eastern sector of the Horn of Africa


While food insecurity has declined from a peak in September 2011, an estimated 11.1 people across the region remain in Stressed (IPC Phase 2), Crisis (IPC Phase 3), and Emergency (IPC Phase 4) down from 14.5 million in 2011. Significant improvements were found many parts of Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Ethiopia due to access to humanitarian assistance, the succession of near normal production seasons, reduced conflict, and improved macroeconomic conditions.

23 Nov 2013 description

The onset of October to December rains in eastern Kenya and southernmost Somalia was delayed


  • The October to December Deyr/short rains started late in much of eastern Kenya and southern Somalia. The rains were up to 20 days late in some areas.

  • The risk of flooding remains high along both the Juba and Shabelle Rivers in southern Somalia.

21 Nov 2013 description

UNHCR operational highlights

• More than 16,000 Congolese crossed into Uganda by the end of this month fleeing fighting in eastern DRC. On the other side of the border, refugees are supported and transported to UNHCR-run Transit Centres.

• The relocation exercise of refugees from CAR is on-going. By the end of this month, 18,061 persons were relocated to camps in Equateur and 387 in Oriental Province. This totals 18,448 persons making 82.1% of the 22,000 initial planning figures for Equateur and 19.35% of the 2,000 planning figure for Oriental.

21 Nov 2013 description


  • Regional food security in eastern Africa shows marked improvement

  • Nutrition in Turkana Central worsens from Serious to Critical

  • No polio in South Sudan, as political impasse hinders vaccination in Sudan More than 100 people dead and over one million others affected by floods since August

  • More than 10 million people displaced in the region as of September 2013

  • Agreement signed for return of Somali refugees in Kenya, as similar plans are made for return of Burundians in Uganda

20 Nov 2013 description

Drier conditions expected during the next week across East Africa, following anomalously heavy rainfall in mid-November.

13 Nov 2013 description

 Following a week of torrential rainfall, the continuation of above-average precipitation in mid-November is likely to sustain the risk of flooding, and lead to adverse ground impacts across many parts of Somalia and eastern Ethiopia.

06 Nov 2013 description
  • The passage of a weak tropical disturbance is expected to produce heavy amounts of rainfall over northern Somalia.
  • Poor October rainfall across parts of central and eastern Kenya, as well as, southern Somalia lead to strengthening moisture deficits in the region.

1) The development of a tropical disturbance in the northwestern Indian Ocean is expected to move west and bring significantly heavy amounts of rainfall across the Gulf of Aden and Somalia.

01 Nov 2013 description

Staple Food Markets in East Africa: White maize is the main staple grain consumed in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In Uganda, white maize is grown mainly as a commercial crop for export in the region. Imported rice is a major staple for Djibouti and Somalia, which mainly consume belem—the imported red rice. Tanzania is also a major producer and source of rice in the region while Kenya and Uganda are minor producers. Both red and white sorghum are produced and consumed in the region.

31 Oct 2013 description
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Monthly Price Watch
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Price Watch Annex


  • In West Africa, cereals trade between the region’s surplus and deficit zones increased in September. Staple food prices remained stable throughout most of the central basin in September as producers and traders sold remaining stocks from above-average 2012 harvests. Cereal prices were stable or increased in many structurally-deficit areas as the lean season can to an end. Rice imports from international markets contributed to adequate food availability the Western Basin (Pages 3-5).

30 Oct 2013 description

An increase in rain across South Africa reduces early season rainfall deficits.