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26 Dec 2013 description



28 Nov 2013 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

  1. Faisant suite à la demande que le Président du Conseil de sécurité a formulée dans sa déclaration en date du 12 février 2013 (S/PRST/2013/2), j’ai l’honneur de présenter mon dixième rapport sur la protection des civils en période de conflit armé.

22 Nov 2013 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

  1. The present report, submitted pursuant to the request contained in the statement by the President of the Security Council dated 12 February 2013 (S/PRST/2013/2), is my tenth report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

16 Oct 2013 description

1) Since June, insufficient and poorly-distributed rainfall has led to large rainfall deficits across the Gulf of Guinea countries and has reduced maize yields in Ghana, southern Togo and in southwestern Nigeria. Although seasonal rainfall has increased during the second peak of the bi-modal rainfall season, below average thirty and sixty day rainfall totals have continued. Average rainfall is forecast during the next week.

02 Oct 2013 description

Heavy rains were observed across dry areas in bi-modal regions along the Gulf of Guinea.

1) A pronounced late start of seasonal rainfall in July has delayed planting by approximately one month and has reduced crop yields across many parts of Sudan. The onset of continuous seasonal rainfall during September and October now remains critical for several local areas that have planted late. However, with seasonal rains quickly coming to an end, little time remains for additional rainfall.

01 Oct 2013 description


  • Plus de 50 opérations de paix ont été déployées dans 18 pays d’Afrique depuis 2000.

  • Le « maintien de la paix en partenariat », qui implique une coopération entre divers acteurs et institutions multilatérales et bilatérales, est devenu de plus en plus commun.

  • Les efforts de génération des forces devraient porter sur le déploiement des capacités requises en vue de la réalisation des objectifs de la mission et pas seulement sur le nombre de soldats de la paix.

23 Sep 2013 description
report UN Volunteers


Peacebuilding is about resolving violent conflict and establishing lasting peace. It involves restoring justice, healing trauma, reconciliation, development and leadership. With violent conflict never far from the headlines, a central part of the Government of Japan’s strategy to help foster lasting peace worldwide is the Programme for Human Resource Development in Asia for Peacebuilding (HRD Programme).

19 Sep 2013 description

As the ICRC Water and Habitat Unit celebrates its 30th anniversary, we look back at some of the ICRCs most significant water, sanitation and shelter operations over the last three decades.

In 1859, four years before the ICRC was formed, our founder Henry Dunant made water one of his priorities as he struggled to help wounded soldiers after the Battle of Solferino. Thirty years ago, our awareness of the essential role of water, sanitation and habitat for the victims of conflict led us to create the Water and Habitat Unit, known as "WatHab."

13 Sep 2013 description

ACCORD has provided support to the development of peacebuilding projects with 18 represented participants from four focus countries, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and South Sudan, through a five day training held in Bujumbura, Burundi from 2-6 September 2013. This was the second training of a three-part training series under the African Peacebuilding Coordination Network (APCN), aiding participants in the development and utilisation of peacebuilding planning skills which will be used in the development of peacebuilding projects.

28 Aug 2013 description

 A slight reduction in rainfall was observed across West Africa, while seasonal rains continued over eastern Africa during the past week.

23 Aug 2013 description

The African Peacebuilding Coordination Programme (APCP), flagship programme of ACCORD's Peacebuilding Unit, recently held the first of three African Peacebuilding Coordination Network (APCN) capacity building trainings in Liberia, from 24-28 June 2013. This training was attended by 20 participants representing government, academia and civil society from Liberia, Burundi, DRC, and South Sudan.

21 Aug 2013 description

 A favorable distribution of rainfall was observed across a wide portion of Africa during the past week.

1) A delayed start of the rainfall season across northwestern Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and bordering areas in Sudan has negatively impacted cropping activities, including planting. After this past week’s heavy rainfall, moderate rains are forecast during the next outlook period, which could help to alleviate dryness over the region.

14 Aug 2013 description
  • Rainfall deficits grow along the Gulf of Guinea, while dryness persists in eastern Sudan.

1) A delayed start of the rainfall season across northwestern Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and bordering areas in Sudan has begun to negatively impact cropping activities, including planting. Heavy rains are, however, forecast during the next outlook period, which could provide some relief to dry conditions throughout the region.

31 Jul 2013 description
  • Torrential rains impacted parts of far western West Africa during the past week.

  • While above-average seasonal rains caused flooding in Ethiopia, dryness persisted in Sudan and Eritrea.

24 Jul 2013 description

 Dryness worsens across Sudan, Eritrea and northwest Ethiopia.

 Abnormal dryness develops across bi-modal areas in Ghana and southern Togo.

1) A migratory locust outbreak in October-November was accelerated with the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Haruna in February, which provided favorable conditions for locust breeding throughout western Madagascar. This large-scale outbreak should subside with cooler weather in July-August.

23 Jul 2013 description


  • Over 50 peace operations have been deployed to 18 African countries since 2000.

  • “Partnership peacekeeping,” which involves collaboration between various multilateral and bilateral actors and institutions, has become increasingly common.

  • Force generation efforts should focus on deploying the capabilities needed to realize mission objectives and not solely on numbers of peacekeepers.

17 Jul 2013 description

 Rains continue to recover across the Sahel of West Africa, while rainfall deficits develop along the Gulf of Guinea.

 Seasonal rainfall deficits grow and expand into eastern/central Sudan.

1) During much of May and the beginning of June, intermittent and insufficient rains had increased rainfall deficits over parts of northeastern Nigeria, resulting in poor NDVI values and delayed planting. However, recent moderate to heavy rains have decreased seasonal rainfall deficits and expected rains should be enough to satisfy cropping requirements.