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13 Jan 2015 description

Somalia has the seventh-largest internally displaced population in the world at 1.1 million people. It is the scene of one of the world’s longest continuous humanitarian assistance operations, dating back to the late-1980s.

20 Dec 2012 description

By: Khalid Koser

When the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement were completed in 1998, it was against the backdrop of the massive displacement of people inside their own countries, especially as a result of the civil wars in the Great Lakes, West Africa, and the Balkans. This was a new phenomenon for which the existing international response was ill-prepared. The implementation of the Guiding Principles over the last decade and a half has gone a long way to filling the protection gap for these internally displaced persons although much remains to be done.

13 Mar 2012 description

This Review analyzes some of the major events and trends related to natural disasters and humanitarian disaster response in 2011.

2011 was the most expensive year in terms of disaster losses in history, mostly because of a spate of disasters affecting developed countries. Globally, the ecnonomic cost of disasters in 2011 was $380 billion, of which $210 billion were the result of the earthquake and tsunmai in Japan. This was 72 percent higher than the losses in 2005, the second costliest year in history of disaster-related losses.

26 Jul 2011 description

Africa, Internal Displacement, Climate Change, Human Rights
Elizabeth Ferris, Co-Director, Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement
The Brookings Institution