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03 Mar 2017 description
report Welthungerhilfe

(02/03/2017) In Africa, a hunger crisis is unfolding of even greater proportions than the one of 2010/2011 in the Horn of Africa. Welthungerhilfe is therefore providing 500,000 euros of emergency aid to help the victims of the drought. The money will be used for emergency assistance measures in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somaliland. These three countries in the Horn of Africa are currently suffering a severe drought that is threatening the lives of more than 11 million people. According to UN figures, more than 20 million people in Africa are dependent on humanitarian assistance for survival.

24 Aug 2011 description
report Welthungerhilfe

Addis Ababa, 24.08.2011. In the run-up to tomorrow’s summit meeting in Addis Ababa, Welthungerhilfe has invited the African Union to lay a proposal for a peace settlement for Somalia on the table. “After over 20 years of civil war in Somalia, it is time to negotiate a sustainable peace plan. It is essential to hold talks with all parties involved in the conflict, so that the refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia can return home as soon as possible.

15 Aug 2011 description
report Welthungerhilfe

Bonn, 15.08.2011. Welthungerhilfe welcomes the increase in funding for the drought victims at the Horn of Africa announced by Development Minister Niebel. “We find it particularly positive that more than half of the funding for provisions and long term programs will be made available,” says Bärbel Dieckmann, President of Welthungerhilfe. “Currently, emergency relief is the priority, but at the same time additional aid must be initiated to provide better protection in future against extended dry periods for the people at the Horn of Africa.

02 Aug 2011 description
report Welthungerhilfe

The Welthungerhilfe is expanding their aid measures in Ethiopia. This week we will start distributing food aid in the Afar region in eastern Ethiopia to 13,500 adults and 5,000 children, as well as nutritional supplements to 2,000 both pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. There are more than 200,000 refugees from Somalia in Ethiopia, but the conditions for the 4.8 million Ethiopians is also critical and continues to grow worse.

13 Feb 2008 description
report Welthungerhilfe

Bonn 13.02.2008. Daniel Bronkal, the member of Welthungerhilfe's staff who was taken hostage yesterday in Somaliland, has been freed after spending twelve hours in captivity.

Local security forces secured his release yesterday evening at 22:00 local time in the Al Mado mountain region. The rescue operation involved an exchange of gunfire, but Bronkal remained unharmed.

05 Oct 2007 description
report Welthungerhilfe

Bonn, 5.10.2007 - Following heightened tensions in the East African territory of Somaliland, Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) is temporarily withdrawing its staff from three high risk project areas: Burao, Erigavo and Borona. Over the last few days, hostilities between Somaliland's clan militia and troops from neighbouring Puntland has resulted in ten deaths and numerous injuries. "The conflict has been building up for a long time," explains Peter Sass, a member of Welthungerhilfe's staff in Burao.