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23 Oct 2012 description
report GOAL

GOAL has received a $1.5 million grant from the US Government for its nutrition programmes at refugee camps in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

The funding from the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM) will help fund the organisation’s work at Dollo Ado camps, where thousands of Somali refugees are located.

This is the first time that BPRM, an agency of the US State Department, has partnered GOAL.

Commenting on the grant, GOAL’s acting Chief Operations Officer, Jonathan Edgar, said:

20 Sep 2011 description
report GOAL

The starving famine-stricken people of Somalia have just received a double blow to their already slim prospects for survival.

As a result of the Somali Government’s decision to ban expatriates from delivering aid to the millions of its worst-affected citizens trapped in regions controlled by the terrorist group al-Shabaab, and the announcement by the United Nations that 750,000 people could die within four months, the Somalia tragedy has worsened considerably.

18 Aug 2011 description
report GOAL

The international community is not going to the heart of the Somali famine crisis.
This is the view of the humanitarian agency, GOAL, which has been calling from the outset for the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force to provide corridors for the safe delivery of food and medical aid.

GOAL CEO John O’Shea says: “The international community appears to be almost entirely focussed on refugee camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, and on feeding programmes in Mogadishu, when these only represent an overspill from the heart of the crisis.

11 Aug 2011 description
report GOAL

Almost three weeks after a famine was declared in two areas of Somalia, and nearly a week after it was extended to a further three regions, thousands of refugees are still flocking over Somalia’s borders to camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

I have just returned from Dadaab, a desolate town on the Kenyan border, to where 1,300 Somali men, women and children, many of whom have walked for weeks, continue to arrive every day.

20 Jul 2011 description
report GOAL

GOAL is calling upon the United Nations to provide and maintain safe corridors within Somalia to allow aid workers to enter the country and mount a meaningful humanitarian operation.

Appealing to the UN, GOAL CEO John O’Shea said, “Somalia is much too dangerous for aid workers to enter, yet this is where many millions of the worst-affected people are located.

13 Jul 2011 description
report GOAL

GOAL’s initial response to the drought emergency in the Horn of Africa is to provide 300 family size tents for recently arrived refugees from Somalia in the Dadaab camp in east Kenya.

To date, GOAL has allocated €250,000 of its emergency funds to support the organisation’s efforts to alleviate the current suffering in the Horn. This is in addition to the agency’s already established drought-response programmes in Ethiopia, on-going since January 2011, which have supplied clean water, food aid and nutritional treatment for malnourished children.

07 Jul 2011 description
report GOAL

GOAL has allocated an additional €250,000 from its emergency funds, to support the organisation’s effort to alleviate suffering in the Horn of Africa.

The money will be used to provide the basic requirements of life to those affected by the severe drought which has gripped a number of countries in East Africa.

A GOAL team, led by experienced nurse Ann Bourke, will fly out tomorrow for Northern Kenya, to help in the relief operation, targeting malnourished Somali refugees.

03 Dec 2007 description
report GOAL

GOAL is calling on the Irish government to exert pressure on the United Nations to take meaningful action against the warring factions in Somalia. The international community needs to show the vulnerable Somali population that they have not been forgotten.

06 Jan 2005 description
report GOAL

Why has the international community waited until to today to organise a "Relief Summit" in Jakarta, asks GOAL's John O'Shea.

The humanitarian agencies chief in a statement says: "This fact alone shows how out of touch major governments and the United Nations are with the mood of rank and file people."

"From hour one, millions of human beings around the world responded with extraordinary examples of generosity to this unprecedented tragedy but they had to wait 11 days before the world powers decided to meet to discuss the issue.

04 Jan 2005 description
report GOAL

4th January 2005 - GOAL Chief Executive, John O'Shea, today welcomed the decision of Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, to consider deploying Irish troops to the stricken areas of South East Asia.

O'Shea has been calling for such intervention since the Indian Ocean tsunami hit on St. Stephen's Day.