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31 Dec 2006 description


The current situation in Somalia, with the recent flooding in parts and the displacement as a result of the current conflict, is likely to have a negative impact on the nutritional status of the vulnerable groups.

14 Dec 2006 description

The FSAU led Post Deyr '06/'07 Food Security and Nutrition Assessment commenced on December 11 and 12, with regional partner planning meetings in Wajid (Bakool), Kismayo (Juba), Merca (Shabelle), Belet Weyne (Hiran), Garowe (Nugal), and Hargeisa (W. Galbeed). Fieldwork and analysis will continue over the next four weeks and the major findings will be released the end of January 2007.

30 Nov 2006 description


Preliminary findings from the Hawd of Hargeisa Nutrition Assessment conducted in November 2006 indicate typical levels of 1global acute malnutrition (GAM) of 5.0- 9.9%.

The heavy flooding affecting parts of South and Central Somalia has caused some 2destruction of assets, underground food stores and population displacement.

31 Oct 2006 description


Findings from the recently conducted nutrition assessments indicate typical levels of 1global acute malnutrition (GAM) of 10.0- 14.9%) in Bari Region (September 2006) and a stable but still critical situation in Bossasso IDPs (October 2006).

Trends of admissions of severely malnourished children 6-59months from the 2UNICEF consolidated database of 310 reporting Therapeutic Feeding Centres (TFC) across central and Southern regions have shown a gradual reduction over the last 3 months. This is in line with expected seasonal trends.

12 Oct 2006 description

FSAU Project Phase V was officially launched September 1, 2006 with the continuing endorsement and funding by the European Commission (EC Press Release, 18 Sept. '06). During Phase V, FSAU will aim to continue to provide impartial and credible early warning and food and livelihood security analysis.

29 Sep 2006 description


This month's Nutrition Update presents findings from nutrition assessments conducted in Sool Plateau (Sool and Sanag Regions) and Berdale in August/September 2006, and Sentinel Sites Surveillance in Bakool and Lower Shabelle Regions. Analysis of the findings indicates a general improvement in the nutrition situation, mainly associated with improved dietary diversity. The map below highlights the assessed areas.

A summary of discussions in the Mid Level Managers' workshops conducted in Garowe and Hargeisa in August 2006 is also presented.

15 Sep 2006 description

    This technical series report presents the full analysis of the FSAU Post Gu '06 Assessment, and is the cumulative output from the Post Gu '06 fi eldwork (June 22-July 22), regional and national analysis workshops (respectively July 11-20 and July 23-28), technical verifi cation and partner vetting (Aug 1- 4) and fi nal sectoral and regional integrated analysis (August 14-31).

31 Aug 2006 description


A significant proportion of the population classified as being in Humanitarian Emergency or Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis (FSAU Post Gu 2006) also faces critical levels of acute malnutrition (WHZ < -2 or oedema) of 20% and above. The nutrition situation has deteriorated in the last six months and in some areas is worse than typical.

25 Aug 2006 description


This special FSAU Brief highlights the key findings of the Post Gu '06 Assessment and Analysis, which are the result of Fieldwork (June 22-July 22), Regional and National Analysis Workshops (July 11-20 and July 23-28, respectively) and Technical Verification and Partner Vetting (Aug 1- 4). FEWS NET Somalia, along with more than forty partners, including regional authorities, international agencies, local NGOs and INGOs participated in and supported this Post Gu '06 assessment and analysis process.

15 Aug 2006 description

Based on the Post .Gu 2006 Assessment, the Food Security Analysis Unit for Somalia (FAO/FSAU) and FEWS NET Somalia confirm earlier predictions (Press Release June 2, 2006) that although there are some improvements in certain areas, the conditions of humanitarian crisis in Southern Somalia persist and will continue at least until December 2006. In Bakool, Hiran and parts of Central Regions, the situation is deteriorating placing populations in these areas at increased risk to Humanitarian Emergency in the coming few months.

31 Jul 2006 description


Findings from nutrition assessments conducted in the Hawd of Togdheer (June 2006), Dinsor District and selected villages of Allula, Kandala, Iskushban (July 2006) indicate levels of malnutrition that are typical (1999-2005) for the areas. However, the situation in Bedey village of Eyl district and IDPs in Galkayo District has worsened. This report provides further highlights from these assessments.

30 Jun 2006 description


The nutrition situation in most parts of Southern Somalia remains critical (1). In this month's issue of the Nutrition Update, we present findings from sentinel sites in Bay, Bakool, Gedo and Galgadud which continue to indicate a persistently poor nutrition situation; and areas in the Middle Shabelle and Hiran with typical levels.

Detailed data on sentinel sites is available at the FSAU.

02 Jun 2006 description

Although the Gu rainy season is not yet complete, the Food Security Analysis Unit for Somalia (FAO/FSAU), together with FEWS NET Somalia, predicts that conditions of Humanitarian Emergency in Southern Somalia will continue from July through December 2006. Several Central and Northern Regions continue to face stressed conditions and will be in an Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis.