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21 Oct 2016 description
report The Guardian

Authorities shutting down Dadaab are repatriating up to 400 people a day despite lack of shelter, clean water or schools

Authorities in Somalia have denounced the way refugees are being repatriated from neighbouring Kenya, after the Kenyan government announced it would close Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, by the end of 2016.

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13 May 2016 description
report The Guardian

Neil Marsland

Climate change and the current strong El Niño are creating costly humanitarian crises. But it’s so much cheaper to avert disaster through building resilience

The life of a farmer in Somalia is never easy and, right now, it’s about as hard as it gets. The weather no longer seems to follow recognisable patterns and the El Niño phenomenon is exacerbating the crisis.

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09 May 2016 description
report The Guardian

Emily Troutman

Many refugees prefer not to live in camps, but work restrictions and a lack of monitoring often leave them isolated and struggling to make ends meet

18 Mar 2016 description
report The Guardian

Unusually strong El Niño, coupled with record-high temperatures, has had a catastrophic effect on crops and rainfall across southern and eastern Africa

More than 36 million people face hunger across southern and eastern Africa, the United Nations has warned, as swaths of the continent grapple with the worst drought in decades at a time of record high temperatures.

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02 Feb 2016 description
report The Guardian

Residents of the world’s largest refugee complex are in a precarious position: unable to leave and yet awaiting expulsion

For more than a decade now, Dadaab has held the dubious honour of being the world’s largest refugee camp.

Originally set up back in 1992 as a transit camp for those fleeing a war-torn Somalia, the refugee complex is home to over 350,000 mostly Somali refugees.

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25 Jan 2016 description
report The Guardian

As battle against al-Shabaab militants in Somalia continues, outgoing UN representative warns world against assuming it is ‘job done’ in the country

Despite sporadic, sometimes intense militant attacks, Somalia has been making steady political progress ahead of a planned presidential vote this year, but these tenuous gains will not be consolidated unless the focus switches to debt relief and kickstarting the economy, says the former head of the UN mission.

22 Jan 2016 description
report The Guardian

Communities struggle with the cultural and financial challenges of mental illness, and in under-resourced private clinics, patients are routinely chained.

Amina usually takes her brother to the clinic by force. He doesn’t like going. “I feel very bad when I take him there. I have to do it but I cry at the same time,” says the young mother who lives in downtown Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway republic of Somaliland.

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