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24 Oct 2018 description
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Our research reveals a significant funding gap

Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to have a roof over your head?

It makes you feel safe. It offers security for you, your family and your possessions. It protects you from the driving rain or beating sun. It can even help you to get access public services and community networks.

22 Aug 2017 description
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Three years of drought in Somaliland has now left it in the grip of a cholera epidemic caused by dwindling and polluted water supplies. UK based disaster relief agency ShelterBox has been distributing water filters and carriers, as well as shelter materials to its nomadic population Like much of the horn of Africa, Somaliland is enduring failing crops, a parched landscape, and now the scourge of cholera as water sources are contaminated by waste and rotting animal carcasses.

16 Mar 2017 description
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‘I was born in Somalia and it breaks my heart to hear stories of how families are suffering.’ As Olympian Sir Mo Farah calls the world’s attention to East Africa’s drought and famine, Cornwallbased ShelterBox is making partnership plans to help Somaliland families

15 Mar 2017 description
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Praying for rain, searching for pasture – the nomadic people of parched Somaliland. A ShelterBox team is there now, discussing aid possibilities as drought threatens millions

Somaliland is a self-declared state on the Horn of Africa. Diplomatically isolated, it is now facing famine as livestock perish after three years of poor pasture. A ShelterBox team is in Hargeisa talking to aid colleagues about what, if anything, can avert a humanitarian disaster

25 Oct 2012 description
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Rotarians around the world are celebrating 25 years today since the End Polio Now initiative began.

09 Oct 2012 description
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Somali refugee families fleeing famine and conflict now have a safe place to live at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) have been managing the Dadaab camp complex situated around 64 kilometres from the Kenya-Somalia border.

IOM has been distributing disaster relief tents to displaced families who recently arrived on behalf of ShelterBox.

13 Aug 2012 description
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In 2011, ShelterBox delivered more than 8,500 disaster relief tents to more than 8,500 refugee families in Kenya and Ethiopia, making it the largest movement of ShelterBox aid that year.

ShelterBox was responding to what many reports said was the worst drought in 60 years in the Horn of Africa, which sparked a severe food crisis.

Families were not only fleeing drought and subsequent famine but also the increasingly unstable situation in Somalia.

08 Feb 2012 description
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International disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, and Women And Health Alliance (WAHA) International have been working together in Somalia setting up medical villages for displaced families at refugee camps, following the massive displacement of families fleeing famine and conflict around the country.

24 Nov 2011 description
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Drought and on-going conflict in Somalia have forced over one million people to leave their homes. Around 400,000 people have been living in internally displaced persons’ (IDP) camps in the coastal town of Mogadishu.

ShelterBox has been working in partnership with Women And Health Alliance (WAHA) International to set up tents at IDP camps near medical centres to house patients and their families, particularly hospitalised women who cannot leave their children. These ‘medical villages’ offer shelter, comfort and dignity to those most vulnerable.

21 Jul 2011 description
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International disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, is standing ready to deploy emergency shelter and supplies to East Africa in response to the growing famine and refugee crisis. Two ShelterBox teams are already on the ground.

ShelterBox Founder and CEO Tom Henderson OBE said: ‘The situation in the Horn of Africa is incredibly complex and it’s imperative the international humanitarian community work in unison to bring aid to those people in need.