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19 Apr 2009 description


Food security is conventionally defined as "access by all people at all times to enough food for an active and healthy life". It is generally accepted as entailing not only food availability (adequate supply of food) but also food access through home production, purchase in the market or food transfer.

Food insecurity in the country is principally a rural problem.

03 Sep 2008 description

1. Introduction

This is July 2008 progress report on LORDO Somalia programme. It discusses the implementation of various projects' activities, achievements to date (planned vs actual) and immediate outcomes. It also highlights some of challenges encountered by the respective teams and communities during the period.

2 Achievements

17 Jun 2008 description

Three Sub-Protection Network Groups partner with UNHCR for Protection and PMT in Lower-Shabelle, conducted rabid assessment on the visible IDPs appeared in parts of Merka, Qorioley and Kurtunwarey districts like 'Shalanbot, Golweyn, Madulow, Bulomarere and Bulo-tuni. The agencies of BANIADAM, LORDO, SMVIADO and SRCS confirm that the overall humanitarian situation in region has deteriorated over the last six months. Between 1,535 and 7,431 people, including roughly 8,966 IDPs, are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance and livelihood support for at least the next six months.