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08 Jan 2017 description

BAIDOA, 07 January 2017 – The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops in Baidoa have distributed foodstuff to 150 needy families affected by drought in the South West State.

The families received dry food rations, including sugar, spaghetti, rice, flour, salt, cooking oil, tea and canned beans.

AMISOM Sector 3 contingent Commander Brigadier General Gabremeskel Gebrezigabe said the troops shared part of their food rations in solidarity with the families during the dry spell.

08 Jan 2017 description

Mogadishu, 8 January 2017 – Upper House elections for Somaliland and northern regions commenced today in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Six seats out of eleven, allocated for Somaliland and the northern regions were filled in a daylong exercise presided over by the Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT).

08 Jan 2017 description

Mogadishu, January 07, 2017 - Six Kenyan Individual Police Officers (IPOs) recently deployed to serve in Somalia under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), have completed an intensive seven-day induction course, aimed at orienting them with the functions of the Mission.

The IPOs will train and mentor Somali police officers on security matters at federal and regional levels.

05 Jan 2017 description

BAIDOA, 04 January 2017 – AMISOM troops from the Ethiopian National Defense Forces have inaugurated a rehabilitated well, that will supply clean water to communities living in close proximity with the troops in Baidoa town, the administrative capital of South West state.

The inauguration ceremony presided over by ISWA Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Hassan Fiqi, was attended by military officials from AMISOM Sector 3, led by contingent commander Brigadier General Gabremeskel Gebrezigabe, the local administration and community leaders.

03 Jan 2017 description

MOGADISHU, 03 JANUARY 2017 - On a working visit to the horn of Africa nation Tuesday, Uganda’s Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala paid a courtesy visit to Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and held talks with his counterpart Chief of the Somali National Army (SNA), Maj. Gen. Mohamed Adan Ahmed.

The meeting took place at the presidential palace situated in the heart of the capital Mogadishu.

01 Jan 2017 description

MOGADISHU - From students to fish sellers, Somalis are ushering in the new year full of hope, for a more peaceful and economically robust country.

The horn of Africa country may not be celebrating with fireworks as in other parts of the globe, but the year 2017 promises new prosperity for ordinary Somalis, who have survived years of destruction and insecurity, brought about by over two decades of civil war and terrorism.

27 Dec 2016 description

Mogadishu, 27 December 2016 - Youths in Mogadishu yesterday resolved to work with the government to fight sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) which is still rampant in parts of the country.

The youth who spoke, Monday, at a symposium organized to exchange views on sexual and gender-based violence, said the problem was still rife in the country, adding that more effort is required to eradicate it.

26 Dec 2016 description

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) jointly embarked on a major operation to open key supply routes in HirShabelle region.

The two organizations intend to open the routes to support the local population and to assist the military access its Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in the region.

The operation codenamed “Antelope” will be concluded in February 2017, by which time an estimated 300 kilometres of road will have been rehabilitated.

21 Dec 2016 description

Mogadishu 21 December 2016 – AMISOM is finalizing plans to hand over Somali National University, which has been under its control for more than half a decade, to the Federal Government.

The Burundi AMISOM military contingent, has been using the university as its command headquarters until recently when a decision was reached to relocate the troops to Jowhar to pave way for the repossession of the facility by the Somali government.

20 Dec 2016 description

Mogadishu, 19 December 2016 – AMISOM expresses concern over reports appearing in a section of the media that its troops were behind the deaths of civilians in Qoryooley and Marka. Initial reports established that on the night of December 17th, AMISOM troops came under mortar attack by suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists hiding in the neighbourhood.

13 Dec 2016 description

Mogadishu, 12 December 2016 – The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has today commended its female peacekeepers for their critical role in the restoration of peace and stability in Somalia after decades of war.

The recognition was made during the female peacekeepers conference, held in Somali capital, Mogadishu, and attended by officers from all components of AMISOM including the military, police and civilian.

12 Dec 2016 description

Mogadishu, 11 December 2016 – Somali youths have been challenged to play an active role in fighting discrimination against women and minorities.

The plea was made at a workshop attended by youths, members of the civil society and representatives from regional administrations among others.

Speaking at the meeting, Galmudug Minister for Public Works, Mohamed Mohamud Gure, said discrimination and violence was not only confined to women and children but also targeted minorities and other members of society.

11 Dec 2016 description

The Special Representative of the African Union Commission Chairperson (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, condemns this morning’s terrorist attack in Mogadishu that killed more than 20 civilians.

A vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated a few metres away from the entrance of the seaport, where civilians normally gather.

“A deliberate attack on civilians going about their lives is not only heinous but also attests to Al-Shabaab’s lack of consideration for human life.

08 Dec 2016 description

Nairobi, 7 December 2016 – The African Union Mission in Somalia and the Federal Government of Somalia have resolved to work together to tackle the use of child soldiers in the country .

The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, said armed groups in Somalia had many child soldiers within their ranks, hence the need for a collective approach to security to enhance the war against the vice.

30 Nov 2016 description

Mogadishu, 30 November 2016 – Delegates in the Somali capital cast their ballots Wednesday in the final stage of voting for representatives of the country’s Lower House.

The voting in Mogadishu was carried out amid tight security provided by Somali security forces and AMISOM Police.

The city will host elections for seats allocated to the Banaadir region and Somaliland, as well as presidential elections after Lower House elections are complete.

29 Nov 2016 description

Mogadishu, 28 November 2016 – Somalia’s Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT), has made a reassurance that Somalia’s presidential elections will be held before the end of December.

“The exact dates of the presidential election are not known,” he said, preferring not to give a definite date to what will be the highlight of the 2016 electoral process.

27 Nov 2016 description

Baidoa, 26 November 2016 – Elections for the Lower House in South West State are expected to end next week as only 16 out of the 69 seats remain to be filled.

The State Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (SIEIT) Deputy Chairman, Sid Ali Omar Hussein, made the announcement, Friday, after overseeing the latest round of elections held in the state capital, Baidoa.

24 Nov 2016 description

Mogadishu, 23 November 2016 – Senior military officers of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali National Army will undertake major military operations to liberate areas still under Al-Shabaab control.

The plans for the offensive against the militants were firmed up during a three-day meeting in Mogadishu, chaired by AMISOM Force Commander Lt. Gen. Osman Noor Soubagleh.

24 Nov 2016 description

South West state added five more MPs to the House of the People today, among them one woman, in elections held in the administrative capital, Baidoa.

To date, South West state has filled 43 seats in the Lower House, out of an allocation of 69 seats, of which five have been won by women.

The Federal-level Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) predicts that the remaining 26 seats will be filled within the next five days.

20 Nov 2016 description

MOGADISHU, 19 NOVEMBER 2016 – Twenty-one middle and junior military and police officers from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), on Friday concluded a course on gender and human rights protection.

The two-day refresher course targeted officers drawn from all contingents of the Mission and aimed at equipping them with new knowledge on international human rights law, gender, child protection, sexual exploitation and abuse.