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18 Mar 2018 description

Following the finalization of a number of key political milestones in Somalia, including the completion of the federalization map, landmark parliamentary and presidential elections, endorsement of the Somalia National Development Plan 2017-2019 (NDP) and expiry of the New Deal Compact and the UN’s Integrated Strategic Framework for Somalia 2014-2016, the UN has developed of a new UN system-wide planning framework.

15 Jun 2015 description

A little more about Somalia

Early in the thirteenth century, Somalia had already been recognised as an ideal stopover for British ships travelling to India and other places. Italy and France had also set up coaling stations for their ships in the northern parts of the country. Later in the century, the British, Italians and French began to compete over Somali territory.

12 Aug 2014 description
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"Young people in Somalia are not just the future of the country – they are also the majority. Nearly three quarters of the population is under 30 years old. Most are born after the overthrow of the Siad Barre regime in 1991 and have only known conflict and violence. An entire generation has missed out on education, employment and knowing what a stable life is.

05 Jun 2014 description
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“Change is in the air in Somalia. After decades of conflict, peace is at reach and emerging institutions have begun to tackle Somalia’s burning issues. Among these issues is one which more often than not falls off the agenda: the environment. Environmental degradation has a huge impact on the lives of the people directly through climatic hazards such as floods and droughts as well as indirectly through food security and livelihoods. The Somali people are feeling the impact of environmental problems already and climate change will only exacerbate them over time.

23 Jan 2014 description

Widespread violence against women is a problem in Somalia. Cases of Gender -Based Violence (GBV) are still rampant in the country: over the last reporting period (July 2012-June 2013), thousands of cases of abuse have been reported in the south-central region of Somalia alone. Although concrete figures are not available, aid agencies fear that a large number of cases of GBV remains unreported. This also means that survivors are on their own when it comes to dealing with their ordeal.

08 Mar 2011 description

Somalia's health care system was utterly destroyed by the civil war leaving the country with,among other problems, the highest rate of maternal and infant mortality in the world. A Somali woman gives birth to an average of 6 children during her life time. 14 in every 1000 women die due to complications related to child birth. One in 4 women were attended during pregnancy at least once by skilled health personnel (doctors, nurses or midwives). About a third (33%) of births are delivered by skilled personnel.

The Edna Adan Maternity Hospital was officially opened on March 2002.

07 Mar 2011 description

By Mike Pflanz

BURTINLE, Somalia, 7 March 2011 - At first, the class of teenagers is a little shy when asked whether menstruation or early marriage is the more common reason why girls drop out of school.

But soon the talk is flowing. The girls, 19 of them, all say early marriage.

20 Jul 2009 description

Nairobi, KENYA - Two UN compounds were looted today in Baidoa and Wajid, Somalia. Al Shabaab men entered both compounds and took UN equipment and vehicles.

In Baidoa, the looting of all emergency communication equipment and the lack of security officers makes it impossible for the UN as a whole to continue its operations. We deeply regret having to relocate staff and temporarily suspend our operations in Baidoa.

15 May 2009 description

[GENEVA, 15 May 2009] The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mr. Mark Bowden, spoke out today regarding the plight of Somali civilians in Mogadishu, hundreds and thousands of whom have been killed, wounded and displaced in the past week of fighting.

"I am deeply concerned about the civilians who are caught in the midst of a situation where they face the choice of displacement or death," said Mr.

24 Apr 2009 description

Expanding Humanitarian Aid where it is most needed

Support from Somali communities

I last wrote to you inJanuary of this year to share my thoughts, hopes and plans for 2009. In that letter I mentioned that despite the challenges ahead, we must work together if we are to better address the needs of the Somali people.Today I write to update you on what I believe to be our most pressing priorities so far this year.

16 Mar 2009 description

[16 March 2009, NAIROBI] - The four UN staff members who were abducted early Monday morning, 16 March, were released unharmed late Monday night.

"I am very enormously relieved that our staff are free and safe. The United Nations is very grateful for the efforts and intervention of the local authorities who used their influence and reach to ensure our dedicated staff was cared for and ultimately released safely and quickly," stated UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Mark Bowden.

08 Mar 2009 description

Nairobi, 8 March 2009 - Somali men - both young and old - must be engaged in the struggle to end violence against women and girls.

In Somalia, many women and girls are silent victims of violence, human trafficking, beatings, rape, child marriage, and female genital mutilation. Violence causes death, sickness, disability and trauma. The majority of the women and girls lack proper avenues to report their plight, and many remain silent out of fear of being ostracized or killed by their own families.

30 Oct 2008 description

(Nairobi, 30 October 2008) - It is with great sadness that the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mark Bowden, confirms the death of two staff members in the car bomb attack of the UNDP compound yesterday, 29 October 2008.

Mr. Mohammed Geele was a Local Security Advisor who had worked for the UN for five years. He is survived by his wife and five children. Mr.

29 Oct 2008 description

Office of the United Nations Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia

(Nairobi, 29 October 2008): The United Nations confirms that at approximately at 10 o'clock this morning the UNDP compound in Hargeysa, Somaliland, was hit by an explosion, caused by a vehicle which forced entry into the compound. There are known casualties as well as deaths, but the numbers are currently being verified. Medical evacuation of the injured is ongoing.

The UN is aware of reports of other explosions in the Hargeysa area as well as in Puntland.

07 Oct 2008 description

(Nairobi, 7 October 2008) Last night, 6 October, around six o'clock in the evening, a UN rented vehicle was hit by an explosion while traveling along the road from the Marka airstrip to Marka town. The driver was killed by the explosion and two UN personnel, an Italian and a Somali national, riding in the vehicle were slightly wounded. They were treated at the local hospital and will be taken to Nairobi at the earliest possible time.

The incident took place about 4 kilometres outside of Marka. It is still too soon to determine the exact nature of the explosion.

26 Sep 2008 description

(Nairobi, 26 September 2008) - Despite a dire security situation, aid agencies in Somalia are intensifying their response efforts for vulnerable populations in and around Mogadishu after shelling and fighting over the past five days displaced an estimated 15,000 people in the capital. More than 80 civilians were reportedly killed and hundreds more are suspected wounded in the conflict.

"We are managing to get aid to those who desperately need it.

10 Sep 2008 description

UN and humanitarian aid agencies working together to support education in crisis-affected areas of Somalia have condemned recent attacks on students, teachers and schools in Mogadishu.

The comments from agencies working together in the 'Education Cluster for Somalia', come in response to the recent upsurge of such incidents including an attack on the SYL Primary and Secondary School and Imam-Shafici Primary School in Hodan District in which five children and two teachers were injured.

The 'Cluster' - which comprises over 20 agencies including UNICEF and UNESCO - say …