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29 Nov 2013 description

People are in dire need of food, clean drinking water and shelter

Nairobi November 29 2013 – Over 100,000 people devastated by the recent cyclone in Somalia are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, aid agencies report. The tropical cyclone that hit the Puntland region of Somalia earlier this month resulted in the death of at least 80 people, mostly children and the elderly, and is estimated to have killed more than 100,000 livestock. Pastoralist communities appear the hardest hit.

13 Nov 2013 description

NGOs welcome an agreement with potential to enhance opportunities for Durable Solutions for Somali Refugees

NGOs engaged in the search for durable solutions for Somali refugees in Kenya, congratulate the governments of Somalia and Kenya, and UNHCR for developing the Tripartite Agreement on Somali refugees in Kenya. The Tripartite Agreement is a first and important step towards finding durable solutions for Somali refugees in the region.

27 Feb 2013 description

Executive Summary

The overall aim of this study was to improve the understanding of how cash transfer programming (CTP) affects people’s access to credit, within the context of South Central Somalia.

07 Jan 2013 description

Executive Summary

The primary objective of this study is to better understand what impact Unconditional Cash Transfers (UCTs) have on men and women, as well as different population groups (such as IDPs, widowed and divorced women) in an emergency context. In 2012, the Cash Consortium (ACF, Adeso, DRC and Save the Children) commissioned this piece of independent research with the aim of gaining contextual knowledge on cash and gender in South Central Somalia, particularly in the regions of Mogadishu,
Hiran and Gedo.

11 Nov 2012 description

By Elisabeth Anderson Rapport
Communications Officer

Huyen Tran, Action Against Hunger’s Country Program Coordinator in Kenya, participated this week in a groundbreaking nutrition symposium. In a Q&A with me, she reveals how the results of the gathering will impact the country’s humanitarian interventions for years to come.

Elisabeth Rapport (ER): The first-ever Kenya Nutrition Symposium was held this week. Describe the significance of this event for the humanitarian community in Kenya, and for Action Against Hunger specifically.

24 Aug 2012 description

Thousands of families remain in urgent need of help

August 2012 - One year since the peak of the food crisis in the Horn of Africa, the humanitarian situation may have improved slightly but thousands of families still remain in desperate need of assistance.

Action Against Hunger teams are still working tirelessly across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. Thanks to the support for our East Africa Emergency Appeal, our teams have saved thousands of children’s lives and have assisted hundreds of thousands of families over the last twelve months.

16 Aug 2012 description

Whether constructing wells, curing malnourished children, or preventing water-borne diseases, ACF has made significant progress across the Horn of Africa this past year.

14 Aug 2012 description

By Saul Guerrero

Evaluation, Learning & Accountability Advisor

ACF’s culture of evaluations helps improve its global impact by identifying common strengths, weaknesses and best practices.

Action Against Hunger has a long harnessed internal and external reviews to determine how our programs stand up against measures of impact, sustainability, relevance, coherence, coverage, effectiveness and efficiency.

17 Jul 2012 description

Un an après la crise alimentaire dans la Corne de l'Afrique, la situation humanitaire s'est améliorée mais reste critique.

  • Des déplacements importants de population continuent de se produire - plus de 3000 personnes fuient encore chaque mois la Somalie, où le conflit reste intense.

  • La sécurité alimentaire est toujours précaire, suite à une saison des pluies plutôt mauvaise dans la région, mais surtout à cause du temps nécessaire à la reconstruction des mécanismes d'adaptation des populations après le pic de la crise l'été dernier.

11 May 2012 description

One of the most tragic aspects of global hunger crises is not that they arrive without warning, but that they occur with devastating regularity. This year’s edition of Hunger Matters exposes the myth of occasional and unpredictable hardship, and argues that an effective response to recurring crises requires a rethink in the way both humanitarian and development work is conceived and delivered.

14 Feb 2012 description

According to the United Nations, Somalia is no longer experiencing a famine. While we can and should cheer this news, to understand what it actually means we must examine how the UN defines famine—and how Somalia’s new status relates to our greater concern for the health of its people.

So, how does the UN decide whether to declare a famine in a country or region? There are three essential conditions:

30 Jan 2012 description

Corne de l’Afrique : 13 millions de personnes souffrent encore de la faim

Répondre à l’urgence tout en renforçant l’autonomie des populations

30 Nov 2011 description

As international leaders descended on the coastal city of Durban, South Africa to determine environmental restrictions on some of the world’s worst pollutants, Action Against Hunger has urged the UN’s 2011 Climate Change Conference to act swiftly to institute programs to stave off the catastrophic effects that climate shocks are already having on developing countries.

04 Oct 2011 description
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In 2011, nearly 550 000 people have been supported by ACF teams across the Horn of Africa.


Number of Nutrition beneficiaries in 2011: 14,188 people
Number of Health beneficiaries in 2011: 22,158 people
Number of WASH beneficiaries in 2011: more than 227,000 people
Number of Food security beneficiaries in 2011: 12 500 people
Total number of beneficiaries from January to August 2011 in Somalia: up to 275 000 people


16 Sep 2011 description

In an effort to enhance its emergency response across the Horn of Africa, which is facing its worst humanitarian crisis in decades, Action Against Hunger continues to ship water and sanitation equipment and critical food supplies to the region to reinforce its ongoing efforts.

Djibouti: 7.5 Tons of Water and Sanitation Equipment

11 Sep 2011 description

From March 2011 until August, nearly 500 000 people have been supported by ACF teams over the Horn of Africa.


Number of Nutrition beneficiaries from March to July 2011: 9 497 people

Number of Health beneficiaries from March to July 2011: 19 627 people

Number of WASH beneficiaries from March to July: more than 223 000 people

Number of Food security beneficiaries from March to now: 12 500 people

Total number of beneficiaries from March to July in Somalia: 265 000 people