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25 Mar 2014 description

Sameera* is part of the team of Research Assistants, working to identify the social norms that hamper protection in Somalia. With the experience gained while conducting the research to test the tools for the Social Norms project, Sameera exuded confidence when she set off to her designated district on 16th February 2014, for the baseline survey.

21 May 2012 description

Looking At Schools As Community Safe Spaces Transmitting Life-Saving Information

Since 2008, the International Committee for the Development of People (CISP) has supported 32 Primary schools and 40 Koranic schools in four Districts within South Central Somalia. In 2011, CISP reached 48 Primary schools and 40 Koranic schools.

08 May 2012 description

In this issue

  • Primary education for 6,000 children in Mogadishu
  • “Fighting HIV in Somalia” – seven years of CISP’s intervention
  • “Keep your school cholera free” -­ Hygiene promotion campaign
  • Protective environment and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable children
  • Over 4,200 children treated for malnutrition in Central Somalia
31 Aug 2011 description

Essential drugs, food baskets and safe water as quick emergency response in South Central Somalia

As largely reported in the media, Somalia is facing the most severe humanitarian crisis in the world today. The drought-induced famine, exacerbated by the chronic emergency conditions in the country, is affecting half of the population (3.7 million, including 1.25 million children), two third of which are in the worst affected south-central zone.

25 Mar 2011 description

As part of its comprehensive program in support of agro pastoralist communities in Galgaduud and Mudug, in 2010 CISP (International Committee for the development of peoples) implemented water and sanitation projects with Emergency funds of UNOCHA and Italian Cooperation to respond to the urgent needs to access safe water for human and animal consumption.

Main activities in 2010