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26 Jan 2015 description

“I learnt how to sew clothes, how to sell and identify the profit and loss of my business. At first I did not understand the mathematics but I am now able to do correct calculations,” stated Madina, a trainee.

Madina was one of 22 women from Karaan, Boondheere and Yaaqshiid districts, who were trained on vocational skills in Mogadishu. The training which lasted for two months covered business management, revolving fund and dress making and fabric embroidery.

05 Jan 2015 description

Gaalkacyo - Before Abdisalan enrolled for masonry classes, he had no income and would spend his days loitering in the streets of Gaalkacyo.

With the support of the Elmidoon project, CISP and the Ministry of Education in Galmudug enrolled 40 unemployed young men in training courses in the construction sector. Most of the training is done on the job; in December 30 of the trainees started working and getting a small stipend.

15 Oct 2014 description

“Before we were using our normal clothes …. but this type of sanitary pad is much better than our usual fabric. You can use it over and over again.” - Trainee 5

CISP values the feedback we get on our work. Through the monitoring and evaluation of our projects, we get information that provides an assessment of our performance and the progress of projects. This offers us pathways for learning.

02 Oct 2014 description

“My parents got me out of school a while ago I was in class three,” said 10-year-old Asha* who dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.

Asha, is one of the 750 girls who were registered for scholarships from 35 schools in Gaalkacyo, Guri-Ceel, Mogadishu and Dhuusamarreeb. The girls are from primary and intermediate school levels.

09 Jun 2014 description

Life stops for most women in Somalia during their menses. They stay at home to evade the embarrassment that comes with soiled clothes.

For girls in school, substantial learning time is wasted due to the high rate of absenteeism associated with menstruation; this translates to a week every month on average.

Due to economic challenges that many Somali households experience, food is the number one priority. This makes sanitary wear an unattainable luxury.

15 May 2014 description

CISP’s work in Somalia is motivated by the positive changes in the lives of individuals; the women and girls, boys and men. Every day, CISP’s field project officers interact with these people; they witness their daily lives in schools, hospitals, water wells, streets and homes.

Communicating of the successes and lessons of CISP’s collaboration with communities as well as the needs identified, is a vital skill that project officers need to develop.

02 May 2014 description

Speaking to new mothers on newborn care and nutrition during a clinic session, Habibo is on the front line of the struggle to save mothers and infants lives in Somalia. For her, midwifery is a calling and she has been practicing the profession for more than 20 years. Currently she is the chief midwife at a Mother and Child Health (MCH) Centre supported by CISP in Mogadishu.

19 Apr 2014 description

“I have not earned any money for the last year, my children and I have been depending on help from well wishers”, says Hawa, a 50 year old mother of eight, during a discussion with a CISP researcher in front of a temporary shed that she calls home. Mama Hawa, is one of the many heads of families that took part in a survey conducted to facilitate the implementation of a livelihood project.

16 Apr 2014 description

In a courtyard at the Horseed Women Organization in Gaalkacyo, women sit in rows operating hand looms. Rhythmically moving the shuttle, right left right left and gently pressing the foot treadle down. This is the intricate art of weaving.

25 Mar 2014 description

Sameera* is part of the team of Research Assistants, working to identify the social norms that hamper protection in Somalia. With the experience gained while conducting the research to test the tools for the Social Norms project, Sameera exuded confidence when she set off to her designated district on 16th February 2014, for the baseline survey.

28 Feb 2013 description

In this issue

  • 30 years of CISP in Somalia

  • Elmidoon project launch

  • Somali children for peace

  • Video- youth: Somalia's beacon of hope

  • A youth charter to empower young Somali men and women

  • Empowering youth

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26 Dec 2012 description

There is finally hope for peace and stability in Somalia. However, limited education opportunities combined with high rates of unemployment are still a major challenge for young men and women. According to the Somalia Human Development Report 2012 (HDR), four-fifths of the youth interviewed in south Central Somalia complained about social, economic and political exclusion. Dissatisfaction and vulnerability arising from this kind of exclusion can lead to conflict and risky behavior among the youth.

21 Dec 2012 description

“If we are to create peace in our world we must begin with our children,” Mahatma Gandhi once said. This is what comes to mind when we look at the beaming faces of the children in the primary schools in Mogadishu during the peace activities that were carried out by CISP Somalia between 19th and 23rd November 2012. “We have never seen peace, but we can blossom like flowers in a land where there is peace,” whispered a shy little boy, showing how much these children long for the security and stability that peace brings.

03 Dec 2012 description

Malindi, 2 December 2012 – Malindi Music Festival for Children lived up to its expectations. The event held on Saturday 1 December was a combination of entertainment, information and social engagement. Artists like Eric Wainaina, Juliani, Nazizi and the Madca attracted thousands of people and used the platform to spread the message of peace.

04 Jul 2012 description

Widespread poverty, limited education options, and lack of livelihood opportunities have a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of young men and women in Somalia. If not provided with alternatives, piracy and recruitment into armed conflict remain appealing options for young men; and without self-reliance and empowerment, women will continue to be highly vulnerable to gender based violence.

29 May 2012 description

Astrid Sehl (29.05.2012)

NRC, together with 15 other relief agencies, warn that humanitarian needs in Somalia must not be ignored as over 2 million people is still in dire need of assistance.

22 May 2012 description

CISP is working with women and youth groups, enterprises, schools, local authorities and CBOs to offer literacy, technical skills and employment opportunities to young men and women in Galgaduud and South Mudug.

21 May 2012 description

Looking At Schools As Community Safe Spaces Transmitting Life-Saving Information

Since 2008, the International Committee for the Development of People (CISP) has supported 32 Primary schools and 40 Koranic schools in four Districts within South Central Somalia. In 2011, CISP reached 48 Primary schools and 40 Koranic schools.

08 May 2012 description

In this issue

  • Primary education for 6,000 children in Mogadishu
  • “Fighting HIV in Somalia” – seven years of CISP’s intervention
  • “Keep your school cholera free” -­ Hygiene promotion campaign
  • Protective environment and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable children
  • Over 4,200 children treated for malnutrition in Central Somalia