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12 Jul 2012 description
report Christian Aid

Exactly twelve months since the Disasters and Emergency Committee (DEC) first launched the East Africa Appeal, the UK public have donated a staggering £79m to the afflicted region, which in the last year has funded emergency aid for 2.3m people. Christian Aid alone has raised more than £4.5 million so far.

With some areas experiencing the worst rainfall in 60 years and parts of Somalia affected by famine in 2011, the aid effort has helped save many lives in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and parts of South Sudan.

24 Sep 2011 description

Up to 750,000 people face death from hunger in East Africa. Millions more are at risk across the region in the worst food crisis of the 21st century. They will have to bear a legacy of poverty, suffering, and the loss of their livelihoods. Urgent action is needed right now.

But the truth is that this crisis was predicted – and preventable: we already have the knowledge to stop this kind of tragedy from unfolding; we know the steps that must be taken to prevent suffering on this scale.

14 Jul 2011 description
report Christian Aid

Siyada Gabo hadn’t had a harvest in 18 months in the Kismayu region of southern Somalia where she lived with her husband and two small children. When the rains first began to fail the family began selling off their livestock one-by-one in order to survive.

Two months ago, her husband left home to see if he could find some way of providing for the family. When he failed to return, Siyada decided to make the long journey to the Dadaab refugee camp with her children.

11 Jan 2007 description
report Christian Aid

Recent US air strikes against so-called Islamist fighters in Somalia will do little to bring peace and security to the region.

US planes struck earlier this week in an attack on alleged Islamic militants, some of whom are said to be members of an al-Qaeda cell, linked to the 1998 US embassy bombings in east Africa.

The air strikes took place just a few days after the Union of Islamic Courts, which had taken control of much of central and southern Somalia during the past six months, was routed by soldiers from Ethiopia and Somalia's transitional government - which is now in …

30 Mar 2006 description
report Christian Aid

In east Africa some people are dying of thirst and mothers are worried about where to find their child's next drink of water. How can this happen when the world has so much? Caroline Waterman, Christian Aid's communication officer for the region, explains.
Travelling through north-east Kenya, the only thing that punctuated the dry and dusty road between Garrisa and Wajjir, was the silhouette of people begging for water by the side of the road.

At times, on our route along this road, we would stop every ten minutes to fill people's gourds and jerry cans.

06 Mar 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid is launching an emergency appeal for East Africawhere millions of people are facing starvation after the region's worst drought in years.

02 Mar 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid has received reports of people dying of thirst, and up to 70% of livestock have been lost as the predominately pastoralist communities move their cattle in desperate search of food and watering holes.
Food, water and humanitarian aid must reach the 11 million people affected by the crisis urgently if we are to prevent this becoming a major catastrophe.

Christian Aid is already working with partners across the region in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania.

Christian Aid's immediate response:


21 Jan 2003 description
report Christian Aid

After three years of war and inter-clan fighting in Somalia under the violent regime of Siad Barre the north west of the country declared itself the independent republic of Somaliland in 1991. The north-eastern province of Puntland also claims autonomy.

10 Aug 2001 description
report Christian Aid

For the past ten years Somalia has been a nation without any form of central government, fragmented into several clan-based factions, including the Somaliland Republic, and, the autonomous north-eastern province of Puntland.
There has been continued violence and political instability with hundreds of thousands of Somalis being displaced within Somalia or living in refugee camps outside the country. More than a dozen peace agreements have been brokered since 1991, but none has been successful up to now. The most recent peace conference took place in May 2000 in Djibouti.

22 Feb 2001 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid's programme in Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes area stretches across nine countries: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.

26 Apr 2000 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid Communications Officer, Sophia Mwangi, has recently returned from Ethiopia. She reports on Christian Aid's current work with communities in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya, who have all been hit by drought.

25 Apr 2000 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid is running an emergency appeal for communities threatened by starvation in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries, and is calling on donor countries to fulfil their pledges of food aid for the region.