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23 Apr 2017 description
report HALO Trust

Ahmed Nuur Aw Nuuh owns a small business in Ceel Bardaale, Somaliland, where he buys milk and vegetables from local farmers to sell at the market in the town of Gabiley. A town that should have only been 23 km away. But landmines were laid on the only road between the two towns during the country's civil war and subsequent conflicts, hindering safe access to food, and forcing authorities to keep the road blocked, prohibiting its use for years. The road was so heavily mined that some were clearly visible.

08 Feb 2017 description
report HALO Trust

HALO Somalia has passed a huge milestone - finding its first landmine in southern Somalia on 4 February 2017.

After months of painstaking survey work in a region where mine densities are often low, but render huge areas of land unusable, HALO began actively clearing mines in late 2016.

A HALO team surveyed the minefield - designated 006 by HALO Somalia - near Mohamed Ga’al, in northern Hirshabelle State, in September 2016. Local people drew attention to an area in which a number of accidents happened in the early 2000s.

30 Nov 2007 description
report HALO Trust

HALO has operated in Somaliland since 1999 and currently employs 440 local staff.

During a routine minefield visit, a senior manager was approached by a group of women seeking jobs with HALO. After first briefing and receiving approval from local authorities, HALO decided to invite the women to join its intensive training programme. The trainees successfully completed the course, thus creating Somaliland's first female demining section.