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19 Jun 2017 description
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Information is a lifeline to those in the midst of difficult and confusing journeys.

Andrea Panico isn’t getting much sleep. He takes my call at 9.30pm and he still has a long night ahead of him. By day, the We World team leader in Ventimiglia, Italy is attending a crisis management course and most nights he is out in the streets of the town from late at night until the early hours of the morning – talking to refugees and migrants.

23 Jan 2015 description
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With the support of Internews, a disability rights organization in Somalia begins to collaborate with the media to enhance its work.

“I feel more confident about approaching the media now. I came to realize that journalists are not as I imagined,” commented Mohamed Ali Farah, director and co-founder of the Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) after attending Internews’ training on media literacy. His organization works to raise public awareness and understanding of disabilities.

02 Jul 2014 description
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Internews Europe’s global programme team successfully implemented an ambitious portfolio of projects in 2013 to support local media and information systems in some of the most fragile, crisis-hit and poorest countries of the world.

The latest edition of Internews Europe's 2013 Annual Review summarises achievements across a diverse range of projects in more than 30 countries worldwide.

28 Feb 2013 description
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Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya launches ‘Gargaar’ (Assistance) – a daily Somali language program produced by local and refugee journalists.

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013

When Somali journalist Shine Jamac was forced to flee his homeland in 2009, he first sought asylum in Ethiopia. It was not long before his profession began to cause him problems.

31 Aug 2012 description
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Internews Europe has secured its inaugural grant from ECHO, the European Commission’s Humanitarian Directorate, to help launch a Humanitarian Information Service for more than 444,000 refugees in Dadaab, Kenya. The project will provide access to life-saving information and help to improve two-way communication between local communities and humanitarians.

16 Sep 2011 description
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(September 15, 2011) Serious communication gaps between the humanitarian sector and refugees in Dadaab, Kenya, are increasing refugee suffering and putting lives at risk, a new joint assessment report led by Internews released today concludes.

08 Sep 2011 description
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Technology is changing the way news, information, and commerce flow through communities in Africa. From the Dadaab refugee camps near the Somalia border, where Internews and its partners are pioneering new methods to identify communication gaps with refugees, to Nairobi, where Kenyans use mobile phones to pay for everything from cab fare to radio dedications, innovation is on the rise. Meet the winners of Internews' first innovation challenge grant competition in Africa, and learn how collaboration with local researchers will help current entrepreneurs support future development.

10 Aug 2011 description
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Somali reporter who grew up in Dadaab refugee camp explains what residents want and need from local media.

Internews is conducting a joint assessment of information needs in the Dadaab refugee camp in Eastern Kenya. Known as the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab has taken on an influx of Somali refugees fleeing famine conditions in the Horn of Africa. More than 400,000 refugees are reported to be living in three camps, known collectively as Dadaab, with capacity for just 90,000.