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18 Jul 2016 description


Baidoa or Baydhabo, as is locally known is the capital of the Bay region; a strategic town in south-central Somalia situated approximately 250 kilometers west of Mogadishu and 240 km southeast of the Ethiopian border. The town is divided into four quarters, namely Isha, Berdaale, Horseed and, Hawl Wadaag. Each quarter is further divided into six sections. The city is traditionally one of the most important economic centers in southern Somalia, conducting significant trade in local and imported cereals, livestock and non-food items.

09 May 2016 description
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Displacement in Eastern Africa is predominantly of a protracted nature. At the end of February 2016, there were 11.7 million people displaced in the region, mostly in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia (UNHCR), and at least half are children. Although most have been displaced for several years or even decades, few have durable solutions prospects such as returning to their home, being integrated into their host communities or settle elsewhere.

13 Nov 2013 description

NGOs welcome an agreement with potential to enhance opportunities for Durable Solutions for Somali Refugees

NGOs engaged in the search for durable solutions for Somali refugees in Kenya, congratulate the governments of Somalia and Kenya, and UNHCR for developing the Tripartite Agreement on Somali refugees in Kenya. The Tripartite Agreement is a first and important step towards finding durable solutions for Somali refugees in the region.

29 May 2012 description

Astrid Sehl (29.05.2012)

NRC, together with 15 other relief agencies, warn that humanitarian needs in Somalia must not be ignored as over 2 million people is still in dire need of assistance.

18 Apr 2012 description

Somali brothers reunited after five years apart thanks to INTERSOS family tracing project.

Omer Ali Adan* fled from Merka in Lower Shabelle five years ago to escape forced recruitment by a local Somali war‐lord. 20‐year‐old Omer lived in Mogadishu with his friends for a few years without ever contacting his family out of fear that the local miliia would learn of his presence.

18 Apr 2012 description

Two decades of separation ended with a phone call, thanks to INTERSOS family tracing project.

Just 20 years old, Yassin Omar* left Mogadishu at the beginning of the civil war in Somalia in 1991. Fleeing persecution by the military and the threat of forced recruitment, he sought a better life in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

21 Sep 2010 description

Despite the reduction of new arrivals on the shores of Yemen in the last months, humanitarian needs remain high and the work of aid agencies and NGOs is still going on.

The number of Somalis who reached the Yemeni shores by June 2010 is half of the number of those who arrived by June 2009 (around 6600 in 2010, versus 13.800 in 2009).

19 Jun 2009 description


Somalia is a country where the situation can improve or worsen quickly. Today it is heading towards the worst: the fighting is rapidly intensifying, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the fight or are hit by shortages of food, water and healthcare. How to pave - if it is still possible - the way for a solution towards ending instability and conflict that have prevailed since 1991?


05 Dec 2008 description


As a consequence of the 1991 civil war in Somalia, Yemen became a safe country of asylum for the Somali refugee population: there are currently more than 48,000 refugees registered with UNHCR and the Government of Yemen. It is estimated that this number is but a fraction of the total number of Somalis in the country, the majority being women and children that have been living in Yemen since early or mid 1990s and have experienced or witnessed violence in Somalia.

18 Nov 2008 description

Intersos is present in Yemen with a project funded by UNHCR, in support of the refugees in Kharaz camp (Lahj Governorate) and Basateen urban area (Aden Governorate).

This project is part of a larger UNHCR strategy to improve government and community protection capacities in Yemen and to develop a self-reliance strategy including skills/vocational training activities and provision of job to assist refugees in attaining self-reliance. Psychosocial counseling activities and risk assessment exercise are also part of the program.

As a consequence of the 1991 civil war in Somalia, Yemen …

14 Oct 2008 description

Executive Summary

This report summarizes the outcome of a rapid assessment of the Ahwar reception center and Mayfa reception center, the entry point of al- Irqa and the village of Bir Ali carried out by one INTERSOS team between the 11th October and the 14th October 2008.

04 Jul 2008 description

We, the Italian NGOs present in Somalia to provide medical assistance, education, water, assistance and aid to orphans and displaced people, agricultural and livestock development address a new appeal to all Somali people, in Somalia and abroad.

The kidnappings of people have become a daily weapon that affects Italian and international staff as well as Somali in an increasing systematic manner.

08 Feb 2008 description

International Conference. Rome, February 5th . 8th 2008


written by members of Somali Civil Society

We, members of the Somali Civil Society Organizations, scholars, activists and members of Somali diaspora have gathered in Rome to share our concerns, compare experiences to develop and plan shared vision and strategies aimed to promote peace and dialogue in Somalia.

30 Jan 2008 description

Rome International Conference (5-8 February 2008)

An International Conference of the Somali Civil Society, sponsored by INTERSOS with the Italian NGOs Association, will be held in Rome from 5th to 8th February 2008.