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05 Jun 2012 description

Kenya’s recent incursion into southern Somalia demonstrates that the world’s ‘most failed state’ impacts upon the security dynamics of its neighbors.

By Edoardo Totolo

04 Oct 2010 description

Somalia and Shabaab

The stalemate in Somalia provides an environment in which Islamic radicalism thrives, but Shabaab's decision to export terror to Uganda may end up backfiring as the Somali diaspora comes under scrutiny and increasing pressure from abroad.

By Ken Menkhaus


Somalia's capital Mogadishu has been ravaged by a protracted battle between the Somali jihadist group Shabaab and a counterterrorism alliance backing the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) for years.

08 Dec 2009 description

Among the many messy fronts President Obama inherited from his predecessor's war on terror, few are as intractable, complex and bloody as Somalia. Guess whose fault that is, Shaun Waterman writes for ISN Security Watch.

By Shaun Waterman in Washington, DC for ISN Security Watch

Under the Bush administration, Somalia became a front in the war on terror.

04 Nov 2009 description

While recent spate of violence and political unrest threatened to derail the nascent democracy in Somaliland, local initiatives managed to mitigate the crisis, but for now, the 'non-state' remains stranded in an international wilderness, Des Carney writes for ISN Security Watch.

By Des Carney for ISN Security Watch

A former British Protectorate until 1960, Somaliland unilaterally declared its independence from the rest of the Somali Republic in 1991 after the Somali National Movement overthrew the virulent Siad Barre regime in Mogadishu.

14 Aug 2009 description

As conflicts on the African continent become increasingly characterized by gross human rights abuses - particularly the rape and abduction of women and girls - governments move to make peacekeepers out of local police, Steve Mbogo writes for ISN Security Watch.

On average, some 40 women are raped every day in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, according to data from the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. In the first quarter of this year some 463 women were raped there, …

31 Jul 2009 description

The nature of the intractable civil war in Somalia is undergoing a change, with Sufi groups taking up arms against Al-Shabaab, adding an ideological, sectarian dynamic to the conflict, Georg-Sebastian Holzer writes for ISN Security Watch.

By Georg-Sebastian Holzer for ISN Security Watch

For the first time ever, Sufi groups under attack are taking up arms and are effectively fighting Al-Shabaab with popular support on the rural plains of central Somalia.

04 Jun 2009 description

Despite threats and condemnation, the Somali insurgent group Al-Shabaab continues its push to overthrow what's left of the country's government.

16 Apr 2007 description

Tensions are high in Somalia after the deputy PM switches sides and accuses supporting Ethiopian troops of 'genocide' against Somalis in a complex.

Commentary by Abdurrahman Warsameh (16/04/07) for ISN Security Watch

The deputy prime minister of Somalia's transitional government, Hussein Mohamed Farah Aideed, has accused Ethiopian troops of committing "genocide" against the Somali people in the capital, Mogadishu, taking already high tensions to a new level.

Such an accusation coming from a high-ranking Somali official, such as Aideed - the son of another, …

29 Mar 2007 description

A date is set for a reconciliation congress, but a surge in violence and the chaos posed by clan power struggles, insurgent fighting and foreign meddling present serious challenges.

By Abdurrahman Warsameh in Mogadishu for ISN Security Watch

Heavy fighting around the Somali capital with has left 12 people killed and more than 20 others wounded.

21 Feb 2007 description

The most commonly agreed upon definition of a child soldier is based on the "Cape Town Principles" from 1997 and describes a child soldier as "any person under 18 years of age who is part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity, including but not limited to cooks, porters, messengers and anyone accompanying such groups, other than family members.

08 Jan 2007 description

With an apparently facile victory achieved over the Council of Somalia Islamic Courts, the Ethiopian-backed Transitional Federal Government faces a more difficult challenge in establishing a functioning government in Somalia.

04 Oct 2006 description

The Islamists have taken over another Somali city despite talks of peace, while some observers say the CCIC has everything to gain from conflicts that would only legitimize its role.

By Simon Roughneen for ISN Security Watch (-4/10/06)

Despite talks designed to secure agreement on governance in Somalia, Islamists have followed up their control of Mogadishu by seizing the country's third city - the port of Kismayo - on 25 September, only days after a failed assassination attempt on President Abdullahi Yusuf.

Following the failed suicide bombing attempt targeting the president, …

27 Sep 2006 description

With Islamic militants now in control of all of Somalia's major cities, the international community needs to take a more assertive role to prevent Somalia from sliding back into civil war and anarchy.

Commentary by Sara Kuepfer for ISN Security Watch (27/09/06)

Islamic militants early on Monday morning took over Kismayo, one of Somalia's largest cities and a strategic port town. The warlords in control of the city left without resistance. Following the takeover, however, thousands of protesters took to the streets, whereby the militants opened fire, killing a teenager.

21 Mar 2006 description

By Simon Roughneen for ISN in Nairobi and Turkana, Kenya (21/3/06)

The failure of the long rains in late 2005 has left at least 11 million east Africans vulnerable to a severe drought and debilitating food shortages. As animals die due to lack of water and pasture, the people who depend on their livestock for milk, meat, and income are growing hungrier by the day.