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29 Dec 2015 description
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At least 67 killed while reporting or because of their work; RSF condemns failure to protect journalists, calls for “response to match the emergency”.

A total of 110 journalists were killed in connection with their work or for unclear reasons in 2015, according to the round-up published today by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), which is in a position to say that 67 of them were targeted because of their work or were killed while reporting.

06 Oct 2015 description

Reporters Without Borders condemns the indefinite closure of London-based Universal TV’s East Africa offices in Mogadishu and the arbitrary detention of East Africa director Abdullahi Hersi Kulmiye and programme presenter Ali Dahir Salad.

Abdullahi Hersi Kulmiye and Ali Dahir Salad were arrested without a warrant when they responded to a summons to report to the Mogadishu headquarters of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) on 2 October. NISA officers raided Universal TV’s offices later the same day and shut them down.

04 Aug 2015 description

The journalists Abdi Mohamed, correspondent for the Somali National TV, Abdijamal Moalim Ahmed, correspondent for the privately owned Kalsan TV and Bar-kulan radio and Bashiir Mohamoud Salad, correspondent for Horncable TV, Ms. Nafiso Hersi Oogle, director of privately owned radio station based in Dhusamareb and freelances several media stations based in Mogadishu, Abdullahi Farah Roble reporter for the Mogadishu based Kulmiye Radio and Radio Codka Bartamaha and Ms Leylo Nor of Radio Codka Bartamaha were freed on Monday afternoon and their charges were dropped.

11 Dec 2014 description

Reporters Without Borders is worried about freedom of information in the autonomous northeastern region of Puntland, where four news websites have been blocked and journalists have been threatened since the start of December.

The four sites – Puntlandnow, Puntlandtoday, Galgalanews and Puntlander – were blocked by Golis Telecom Somalia, Puntland’s biggest telecom company. Puntlandnow’s owner said the closure order came directly from the government but Golis Telecom refused to confirm this when contacted by RWB.

09 Jan 2014 description

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the Islamist militia Al-Shabaab’s announcement yesterday that it is banning the Internet in the areas of Somalia that it controls.

“By preventing the public from using the Internet in the areas it controls, Al-Shabaab is launching an unprecedented offensive against freedom of information,” Reporters Without Borders said.

01 Dec 2013 description

Reporters Without Borders condemns leading journalist Abdiimalik Yusuf’s arbitrary detention since 24 November, when security forces arrested him in the capital, Mogadishu.

The head of Shabelle Media Network (the owner of Radio Shabelle), Yusuf is being held in the same Mogadishu prison where Radio Shabelle reporter Mohamed Bashir has been held since 20 November.

22 Oct 2013 description

Reporters Without Borders is extremely worried by the interior ministry’s harassment of Radio Shabelle and the organization that operates it, Shabelle Media Network, which received a letter from the ministry on 20 October giving it five days to vacate its premises.

25 Sep 2013 description

The bloody attack against the Westgate mall in Kenya on 21 September 2013 has brought to the international community’s attention the cowardly and terririzing methods used by the Somali militia Al-Shabaab, a long-standing "Ennemy of freedom of information" according to Reporters Without Borders.

15 Oct 2012 description

Reporters Without Borders wrote an open letter today to the president of the semi-autonomous northeastern region of Puntland requesting an explanation for radio Horseed Media’s closure.

The radio station has been banned from broadcasting since 6 October and access to its website is blocked in some of the region’s cities. It is clear from the lack of transparency surrounding the ban, which the police notified to the station, that it is politically motivated and was not issued by any court.

21 Sep 2012 description

A suicide-bombing at a Mogadishu restaurant frequented by media personnel took the lives of at least three journalists today, bringing the number of journalists killed this year in Somalia to 12 and making 2012 "the deadliest year ever for the Somali media," Reporters Without Borders said.

With nine fatalities, 2009 had until now held the Somali "record" for the most journalists killed in a single year.

03 May 2012 description

Today, World Press Freedom Day 2012, Reporters Without Borders condemns the furious pace of physical attacks on news providers and reports that a total of 21 journalists, and 6 netizens and citizen journalists have been killed since the start of 2012, many of them in war zones such as Somalia and Syria. This is a rate of one news provider killed ever five days.

Reporters Without Borders is today also releasing an updated list of its “predators of the freedom to inform,” a list that has grown in size and now has 41 members.

05 Apr 2012 description

Reporters Without Borders is deeply shocked by the suicide bombing that killed several people and wounded many others at a ceremony in Somalia’s national theatre in Mogadishu marking the first anniversary of the country’s national television station reopening.

At least seven journalists covering the event were seriously wounded.

“We condemn this despicable attack in the strongest possible terms and our thoughts are with the many victims,” the press freedom organization said.

28 Jan 2012 description

Shabelle Media Network director Hassan Osman Abdi, better known locally as “Hassan Fantastic,” was gunned down outside his Mogadishu home at 6:30 p.m. today, Reporters Without Borders has learned from its partner organization in Somalia, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ).

19 Jan 2012 description

The annual report of the National Union of Somali Journalists, a partner organization of Reporters Without Borders, paints a worrying picture of abuses suffered by the media in 2011 and condemns the silence and impunity that surround crimes against journalists.

The report on the state of press freedom, published yesterday, said 2011 was worse than 2010 and lists four journalists killed, seven wounded and 19 arbitrarily arrested, as well as seven attacks on media organizations and at least five prosecutions for criminal defamation.

22 Dec 2011 description

2011 in figures:

66 journalists killed (16% more than in 2010)
1,044 journalists arrested
1,959 journalists physically attacked or threatened
499 media censored
71 journalists kidnapped
73 journalists fled their country
5 netizens killed
199 bloggers and netizens arrested
62 bloggers and netizens physically attacked
68 countries subject to Internet censorship

19 Dec 2011 description

Reporters Without Borders expresses its deepest sympathy to the family and colleagues of the journalist Abdisalan Sheikh Hassan, shot dead yesterday by a man in military uniform in the Hamar Jajab district of Mogadishu.

“We are shocked by this latest tragedy, which demonstrates once again that the enemies of press freedom in Somalia are prepared to shoot and kill journalists,” the international press freedom organization said.

“Abdisalan Sheikh Hassan is the fourth journalist killed in the country this year and the 25th since 2007.

09 Apr 2010 description

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the Islamist militia Al-Shabaab's announcement today that it is banning local radio stations in the regions it controls from retransmitting the broadcasts of the BBC and Voice of America on the grounds that they carry Christian propaganda.

"Already responsible for killing or kidnapping many journalists and a permanent climate of terror for the Somali media, Al-Shabaab has today added another misdeed to its long list of violations of free expression," Reporters Without Borders said.

"The allegations Al-Shabaab …

30 Dec 2009 description

Two appalling events marked 2009: one was the largest ever massacre of journalists in a single day - a total of 30 killed - by the private militia of a governor in the southern Philippines and the other was an Tunprecedented wave of arrests and convictions of journalists and bloggers in Iran following President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed reelection.

A total of around 160 journalists in all continents were forced to go into exile to escape prison or death, often in very dangerous circumstances.

27 Apr 2009 description

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns the raid which members of the Islamist armed group Al-Shabaab carried out yesterday on Radio Jubba in Baidoa (250 km northwest of Mogadishu), closing the station and arresting three of its journalists. Al-Shabaab is in control of Baidoa.

"The climate of terror which Somali Islamist insurgents are imposing on the press has gone on for too long," Reporters Without Borders said.

04 Sep 2007 description

Reporters Without Borders is very concerned about the safety of the members of its partner organisation in Somalia, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), after unidentified gunmen yesterday threatened to kill one of its leaders, Ali Moallim Isak.

"Mogadishu's chronic violent crime makes journalists an easy target," the press freedom organisation said. "The NUSOJ has continued to work to defend the press, despite a wave of killings in which seven journalist have died since the start of this year. The government should adopt urgent protective measures to …