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13 May 2018 description
report Mail and Guardian

Andrew Wasike

Stockpiles of charcoal cast long shadows that shield motorists from the scorching sun on the road that links the southern port of Buur Gaabo to the capital Mogadishu in the north.

Charcoal producers and traders can be seen packing their trucks near Mogadishu.

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20 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

Uganda is the largest host country of refugees in Africa and the third largest in the world, after welcoming an average of 2 000 displaced men, women and children every day for the past 11 months.

The new statistics, released on Monday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, come less than a week before Uganda’s Solidarity Summit on Refugees – a conference aimed to mobilise international support for those affected by the South Sudanese Civil War.

17 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

The Nigerian Defense Ministry official described how the authorities had built ditches around schools and installed security lighting and set up roadblocks to keep Boko Haram fighters from invading schools and carrying off students and teachers. She explained how the government has moved thousands of students in the most heavily-affected areas to safer areas to allow them to finish their studies free from fear and attack.

02 May 2014 description
report Mail and Guardian

02 May 2014 00:00| Fahmida Miller

An attempt to target illegal immigrants and criminals in Kenya has left many Somali residents there feeling harassed.

Osman Mohamed Osman was born in Thika in central Kenya. A second generation Kenyan, Osman is now a 20-year-old student in Nairobi. Despite being ethnically Somali, he speaks only English and Swahili.

“I identify myself as Kenyan first. It’s not fair to identify yourself by tribe,” said Osman. He feels caught in the middle of a war on terrorism in a country that has been his only home.

24 Aug 2012 description
report Mail and Guardian

24 AUG 2012 07:56 - NASTASYA TAY

Painted signs, even of a policeman on a busy road, attest to growing trade and returning exiles in Somalia.

There is a sun-weathered, pensive woman in a faded burgundy jilbab who sits on the corner of the busy Kilometre 4 roundabout.

She is there every day from 9am, perched behind her worn wheelbarrow, selling watermelons, dates and dusty bunches of grapes.

20 Aug 2011 description
report Mail and Guardian

South Africans have donated another 600 tonnes of supplies to famine victims in Somalia, aid group Gift of the Givers said on Friday.

"We have arranged to ship out these supplies via a new route on Tuesday ... via Mombasa to Mogadishu," said spokesperson James Russell Lowell.

"South Africans are living attributes of compassion, mercy, kindness and humanity," he said.

This would be Gift of the Givers' seventh flight to the region.

A ship carrying 560 tonnes of supplies from South Africa left on Wednesday.

24 Dec 2009 description
report Mail and Guardian

A group of Somali refugees in Randfontein are facing homelessness and growing uncertainty, while government and the United Nations pass the buck on who should be responsible for their welfare.

The Mail & Guardian reported in May that the refugees had unsuccessfully attempted to cross into Botswana as they feared a resurgence of xenophobic violence in South Africa.

24 Jul 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian

Soaring food prices are threatening to trigger a humanitarian catastrophe in East Africa, where people are struggling to afford basic food, development charity Oxfam warned on Thursday.

The British-based group appealed for funds to support emergency aid across the region, where it said millions face being tipped towards severe hunger in countries including Somalia and Ethiopia.

"This is a catastrophe in the making. We have time to act to before it becomes a reality," said Oxfam's Rob McNeil, who recently returned from the region.

Skyrocketing food prices are …

22 Jul 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian

NAIROBI, KENYA Jul 22 2008 16:33 - Nearly 15-million people in the Horn of Africa region are facing a humanitarian disaster unless donors urgently release funds to deliver supplies, aid agencies warned on Tuesday.

In a region beset by conflict and piracy, prolonged drought and rising inflation have exacerbated human suffering, especially among the rural and urban poor, they said.

The World Food Programme (WFP) said it urgently needs $403-million to feed the hungry people …

23 Jun 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian


"The men, women and children in these community halls and refugee camps are shattered and hopeless.

12 Jun 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

The two small vessels were travelling across the Indian Ocean at high speed, their occupants wielding rocket-propelled grenades, AK47s and machine guns. Within minutes, they had gained on the bulky container ship. As he stood on the bridge of the MV Rozen, Captain Priayantha Perera sounded the alarm. He knew what was coming: pirates.

The Somali pirates who threw a pipe ladder on to his deck and boarded his ship went on to hold him and his 11 crew hostage at gunpoint for 41 days.

21 Feb 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Beatrice Debut - Nairobi, Kenya

A day after the United Nations endorsed an African Union peacekeeping force for Somalia, and almost two months after the ouster of the Islamists from Mogadishu, analysts on Wednesday warned of spiralling chaos.

At least 12 died and thousands fled the coastal capital, Mogadishu, this week after the fiercest fighting since Ethiopian troops helped Somali government fighters oust the powerful Islamist movement from Mogadishu late last year.

"This is just the beginning of the deterioration.

15 Aug 2006 description
report Mail and Guardian

Harun Hassan

During the past 15 years of war and civil conflict in Somalia, most observers -- Somalis and foreigners alike -- have understood that a resolution to the country's problems could only come from agreement among Somalis themselves.

This has now changed in a way that carries potential dangers.

It was all very different only two months ago. In June, the political situation in Somalia seemed to offer grounds for cautious optimism.

31 May 2005 description
report Mail and Guardian

Nairobi, Kenya - Somalia's government will not abandon plans to return from exile and establish itself in the country, a presidential spokesperson said on Tuesday, a day after militias loyal to rival Somali lawmakers fought for control of the town of Baidoa.

Somalia's transitional government is pursuing a peaceful solution to the conflict between militia loyal to a lawmaker opposing government plans to relocate to the major trading town and another supporting the move, presidential spokesperson Yusuf Mohamed Ismail said.

Ethiopian-backed Somali warlords -- now lawmakers -- …

08 Feb 2002 description
report Mail and Guardian

Between August 1994 and last year, a total of 1 822 children applied for refugee status in South Africa

25 Sep 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Despite enjoying the protection of the UNHCR, an increasing number of refugees are being denied their basic right of access to health care

20 Sep 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Somalian citizens backing a new government could have their hopes of a peaceful future extinguished by warlords opposed to President Abdiqassim Salad Hassan.

Kieran Murray reports from Mogadishu.

A dozen battle wagons rolled through the Somali capital this weekend to the national stadium, young militiamen spilling from them with assault rifles in hand.

In this war-scarred capital, such a convoy might normally signal yet another battle in a decade of clan-based fighting and anarchy.

But these militiamen convoyed in hope of restoring peace and stability to their country.

05 Apr 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. April 5 2000

Nearly 16 million people face starvation in the Horn of Africa after repeated crop failures, but ongoing conflicts in the region make food distribution difficult.

By CHRIS MCGREAL in Johannesburg

Europe is preparing to spearhead large aid deliveries to the Horn of Africa in an attempt to avoid a repeat of the famine that claimed close to a million lives in Ethiopia 15 years ago.

01 Mar 2000 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. March 1 2000

31 Dec 1999 description
report Mail and Guardian

Johannesburg, South Africa. December 31 1999