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20 Apr 2018 description
report UNIDO

BAGHDAD, 20 April 2018 - The Government of Japan has announced that it will fund a project to enhance youth employability among Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This is one of eight new projects implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia and the Syrian Arab Republic, with Japanese funding totaling US$5.2m.

12 Jun 2017 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
7962nd Meeting (AM)

Despite Iraq, Syria Losses, Under-Secretary-General Warns Group Gaining Ground in East Africa, Afghanistan, South-East Asia

While Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh) was being hobbled by lost territory and shrinking financial resources, collective efforts must be intensified to finally put an end to the terrorist group’s attacks in the region and beyond and to eradicate its deadly propaganda online, speakers told the Security Council today.

08 Apr 2017 description

This month’s update highlights children and armed conflict concerns and provides recommendations for the protection of children in the situations of Iraq, Sudan/South Sudan (Abyei), and Syria. The update additionally provides information regarding the status of the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict conclusion negotiations on the Secretary-General’s reports on the situation of children and armed conflict in Somalia and Sudan.

Recommendations to the Security Council


21 Jul 2016 description

Every day, 10 people are killed by landmines. Besides claiming such a substantial number of lives, landmines form an obstacle to post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Foreign trade and development cooperation minister Lilianne Ploumen said: ‘The devastating impact of landmines doesn’t stop when the violence ends. Emergency workers are left unable to reach the places where they’re needed, refugees can’t return home and farmers can’t access their land.

30 Sep 2014 description
report Qatar Charity

The challenges facing those caught up in a seeming never-ending cycle of human-made and natural disasters seem endless. Oftentimes a growing reliance on external assistance leads to a form of 'dependency syndrome' which not only limits the effectiveness of recovery and rehabilitation efforts in the community but also stunts any lingering individual development initiatives of those trapped in this cycle.

02 Apr 2014 description

The data table below is as of 26 March 2014

World’s most populous region certified polio-free: the WHO South East Asia Region was certified polio-free at a ceremony in India this week, meaning that transmission of wild poliovirus has been interrupted in this bloc of 11 countries stretching from Indonesia to India. This achievement marks a significant leap forward in global eradication, with 80% of the world’s population now living in certified polio-free regions.

07 Jul 2013 description

This month’s update highlights children and armed conflict concerns and provides recommendations for the protection of children in the situations of Iraq, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (Darfur). It includes recommendations in particular for enhancing the protection of children in the mandates of UN missions UNAMI, UNMISS, and UNAMID as well as the Somalia/Eritrea Sanctions Monitoring Group..

02 Mar 2012 description

Countries affected by explosive violence in January


Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were responsible for a high number of the civilian casualties recorded by the EVMP in January. IEDs caused 75% of the recorded civilian casualties of explosive violence. This is a significant increase compared with the overall percentage of civilians who the EVMP recorded killed or injured by IEDs during 2011 (55%).

06 Jul 2011 description

Minority women deliberately targeted for rape and other violence – new global report

Women from minority and indigenous communities are targeted for rape and other forms of sexual violence, torture and killings specifically because of their ethnic, religious or indigenous identity, Minority Rights Group International says in its 2011 annual report launched today.

27 Sep 2010 description


As a part of its regular programme cycle, UNHCR Jordan establishes a diverse multifunctional team consisting of UNHCR and NGO partner staff to conduct an annual participatory assessment exercise with refugees. This assessment informs the office's protection strategy, as well as the programme priorities for the coming year.

In 2009, as the operation in Jordan entered a post-emergency phase, the office chose to undertake the participatory assessment around the theme of 'social capital'.

31 Jul 2010 description


Currently there are 9,130 non-Palestinian registered refugees and asylum-seekers, 87% of them are from Iraq. Lebanon is not a state party to the 1951 Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees or to its 1967 Protocol. It also does not have legislation or administrative practices in place to address the specific needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

24 Jun 2010 description
report Maplecroft

Report says cross border tensions will increase globally as climate change affects water resources

A new report evaluating the water security of 165 countries has rated the African nations of Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan and Niger as being most at risk.

The Water Security Risk Index has been developed by Maplecroft, a firm specialising in corporate risk intelligence, to identify risks to the supply chains and operations of multinational companies. The index uses seven indicators to measure the four key areas surrounding the issue.

04 Jun 2010 description

Concludes Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression, Summary Executions and Trafficking in Persons

The Human Rights Council this morning held a panel discussion on the protection of journalists in armed conflict. It also concluded its interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteurs on freedom of opinion and expression, on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions and on trafficking in persons.

Introducing the panel discussion on the protection of journalists in armed conflict, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-Wha Kang …

02 Mar 2010 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-fourth General Assembly
Fifth Committee

01 Dec 2009 description
report IRIN

JOHANNESBURG, 1 December 2009 (IRIN) - In all the talk about adapting to climate change, "scant attention" is being paid to "the dangers of ...

21 Jul 2009 description

La sécurité humaine est bien plus qu'une question de survie. Il s'agit d'aider des populations à risque à retrouver le cap d'une existence plus stable, au moyen des structures politiques, économiques, sociales et culturelles garantes d'un avenir meilleur.

BEYROUTH - Dans les pays arabes, un manque généralisé de sécurité humaine s'oppose au développement humain.

21 Jul 2009 description

The report in brief

This is the fifth volume in the series of Arab Human Development Reports sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and independently authored by intellectuals and scholars from Arab countries.

Like its predecessors, this Report provides eminent Arab thinkers a platform from which to articulate a comprehensive analysis of their own contemporary milieu. It is not a conventional report produced by the United Nations.

21 Jul 2009 description

BEIRUT - In Arab countries, a widespread lack of human security undermines human development, according to the Arab Human Development Report 2009: Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries. This report is prepared by independent scholars drawn from the region.

The report argues that human security is a prerequisite for human development, and that the widespread absence of human security in Arab countries undermines people's options.