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30 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- In a bid to boost the local economy and humanitarian relief efforts, faction leader Hussein Aidid agreed Monday to reopen an airport under his control.

25 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Heightening tensions on the Ethiopian-Somali border, Ethiopian soldiers exchanged fire with a Somali faction, U.N. officials said Wednesday.

The faction was trying to seize the border town of Dolo.

Hussein Ali, a spokesman for the Somali Muslim militant group Al-Itihad Al-Islam, said in Nairobi that the fighting Monday killed five Ethiopian soldiers and eight militants.

In August, Ethiopian troops seized Dolo, previously held by the Muslim group.

18 Sep 1996 description

MOGADISHU, Sept 18 (Reuter) - An American aid worker kidnapped by Somali gunmen in north Mogadishu left for Kenya on Wednesday after his captors said his abduction was a result of mistaken identity.

Daniel Suther, who was working for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was freed on Wednesday in the

17 Sep 1996 description

MOGADISHU, Sept 17 (Reuter) - Gunmen kidnapped an American working for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in the northern part of Somalia's capital on Tuesday, witnesses said.

They said the American, who was not identified, and his Somali driver were seized by more than eight gunmen who intercepted his vehicle on Sanaa road in northern Mogadishu and fired in the air.

The gunmen disarmed the American's two Somali guards and drove off with the driver and aid worker in their USAID four

11 Sep 1996 description

14 August 96 - UNHCR has spent 13.8 million dollars on rehabilitation and integration projects in northwest Somalia since
1992, including construction of schools, repair of water facilities and rehabiliation of hospitals, to benefit returnees and local

10 Sep 1996 description
report Oxfam

The Oxfam Emergencies Report gives an overview of Oxfam's recent emergency work around the world, for use in
communications work. For further information on any of the emergencies outlined below, email Supporter Services on
Oxfam@oxfam.org.uk or phone +44 1865 313600.

08 Sep 1996 description
report The New York Times


OGADISHU, Somalia -- Ethiopian troops, tanks and helicopter gunships have crossed the border into western Somalia and attacked three towns, killing scores of people, a Somali Muslim fundamentalist faction charged Friday.

04 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- The United Nations has opened talks with one of Somalia's most powerful warlords on a large-scale return of international aid agencies in the Somali capital.

01 Sep 1996 description

MOGADISHU (Sep 1, 1996 10:23 a.m. EDT) - Somali clan leader Hussein Aideed said on Sunday he would disarm other armed militias operating in the country.

Aideed, 33, was picked by supporters last week as chairman of clan alliance Somali National Alliance (SNA) founded by his late father, Mohamed Farah Aideed.

Speaking in his south Mogadishu stronghold at the final condolence ceremony for his father, he promised to defend Somalia from both internal and external enemies.

"My father resisted neocolonialism. We will continue that struggle," he said.

19 Aug 1996 description


12 Aug 1996 description

The present round of fighting in Mogadishu started in April and has continued to flare up sporadically since that time. Many people in the affected areas have lost their homes or fled to safety. The exact numbers of those killed are not known, but can be conservatively estimated in their hundreds. The number of people wounded is high and most casualities are civilians.

12 Aug 1996 description
report Times


ETHIOPIAN forces pounded Muslim fundamentalist militia in northern Somalia with helicopter gunships, tanks and artillery over the weekend and vowed to continue its attacks against the "international terrorist group" it blames for a series of bombings and assassination attempts.

The invasion by troops in support of a Somali faction opposed to the al-Ittihad al-Islami (Islamic Union) left hundreds dead after two days of fighting in which three fundamentalist strongholds close to the Kenyan border were captured.

11 Aug 1996 description
report NomadNet

MOGADISHU, Aug 11 - Heavy fighting between rival Somali factions resumed in earnest Sunday after more than a week of calm in the aftermath of the burial of former top warlord General Mohamed Farah Aidid.

Reports reaching here said there were heavy clashes Sunday in the southwestern Balad district between troops led by Hussein Mohamed Aidid -- who now heads his father's United Somali Congress/Somali National Alliance (USC/SNA) faction -- and those of self-styled Somali interim president Ali Mahdi Mohamed's Somali Salvation Alliance (SSA).

The were no immediate official …

11 Aug 1996 description
report Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Heavy fighting was reported today north of Mogadishu between the militias of two faction leaders, including a former U.S. Marine who succeeded his father a week ago.

Witnesses said Hussein Mohamed Aidid's militiamen attacked Balad, about 17 miles away, early in the morning with 40 pickup trucks mounted with weapons. There was no immediate word on casualties.

09 Aug 1996 description
report Associated Press

By HAROUN HASSAN Associated Press Writer

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Ethiopian helicopter gunships strafed a rebel stronghold in southwestern Somalia on Friday, killing 160 people, rebels said.

Nineteen Somalis and 141 Ethiopians died in the attacks on three border towns, according to a statement from Islamic Unity, the strongest of the rebel groups seeking autonomy from Ethiopia.

09 Aug 1996 description
report The Washington Post

Somali faction leader Osman Hassan Ato dismissed as "illegitimate" the election of Hussein Mohamed Aideed as president of a self-declared government and successor to his late father, Mohamed Farah Aideed.

Ato, a successful Somali businessman who funded the elder Aideed until they fell out last year, said the election was illegal because clan elders were not involved in the process.

The 31-year-old U.S.-educated former U.S. Marine was chosen Sunday by supporters to succeed the elder Aideed, who died Aug. 1 from battle wounds.