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31 Dec 2009 description


The humanitarian situation in Somalia is at its worst level for 18 years. Currently 3.64 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance with 1.55 million displaced across the country, most of whom are in South Central Soma-lia.1

Escalating conflict, new displacement, shrinking humanitarian space and limited capacity of the service provider network are posing specific risks to the health of populations of humanitarian concern in Somalia.

31 Dec 2009 description

At a glance

Current number of people of humanitarian concern: 3.64 million

Number of displaced people: 1.55 million

Total CAP requirements for 2010 in health: USD $46.4 million

Number of health cluster projects in CAP 2010: 36

Number of health cluster partners in 2010: 18 who contributed to the CAP; over 30 active partners in coordination

The health cluster produces a regular bulletin of partners' activities

31 Dec 2009 description

Context: Somalia has suffered from ongoing civil strife since early 1990s which continues up to the present day.

31 Dec 2009 description


Impact of Food Prices Rises On Malnutrition and Food Security

- International food and oil prices soared until further in 2008 and translated in varying degrees into higher domestic food prices causing food riots in over 30 countries. Even though food prices are falling on the global markets, surveillance showed that local prices have continued to increase or have remained at their inflated level in a number of vulnerable countries.

31 Dec 2009 description


The Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, signed by President Obama on March 11, 2009, provided $75 million in agriculture funds targeted to food security. These funds provide essential continuity to programs begun in 2008 and allow new investments to build a foundation for the launch in 2010 of a broader long-term strategy to sustainably reduce hunger and malnutrition.

A larger food security strategy is currently being developed under the leadership of the Department of State.

31 Dec 2009 description


Since the beginning of the implementation of the Humanitarian Reforms in September 2005, WHO and partners have been working together both at the global/regional and country levels to improve the effectiveness, predictability and accountability of humanitarian health action.

31 Dec 2009 description

The Somalia Health Cluster Bulletin provides an overview of the health activities conducted by the health cluster partners operating in Somalia.

31 Dec 2009 description


Nutrition Situation

In October and November 2009, FSNAU with partners conducted 9 representative nutrition surveys in Central/Northeast (Galgadud, Mudug, Nugal), Hiran and Togdheer regions. The results of the surveys indicate a Sustained Nutritional Crisis in Central/Northeast and Hiran regions, with a less concerning, yet Critical situation in Togdheer region.

31 Dec 2009 description

Emergency Aid Reaches Gaza

The recent war on Gaza caused great suffering among the 1.5 Palestinians who live there. The UN estimated that at one point during the war 500,000 people were displaced from their homes. Some 4,000 dwellings were destroyed, forcing homeless families with nowhere else to go to live in tents.

from day one of the war, LIFE for Relief and Development delivered food medical supplies, ambulances, blankets, tents, and other relief items to beneficiaries across the Gaza Strip.

31 Dec 2009 description

The Emergency Preparedness and Humanitarian Action (EHA) Newsletter provides a summarized overview of the current humanitarian health situation in Somalia and activities that WHO is carrying out in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The newsletter is issued on a monthly basis and is available online at www.emro.who.int/somalia/ CollaborativeProgrammes-eha.htm

Health events & situation overview

Banadir Region

- On 3 December, a suicide bomber at Banadir University …

31 Dec 2009 description
report UN Security Council

I. Introduction

1. The present report is submitted pursuant to the statement by the President of the Security Council of 31 October 2001 (S/PRST/2001/30), in which the Council requested me to submit reports at least every four months on the situation in Somalia and the efforts to promote the peace process, as well as to operative paragraph 13 of Security Council resolution 1872 (2009), in which the Council requested me to take the steps identified in paragraphs 82 to 86 of my report of 16 April 2009 (S/2009/210) and to report on progress.

31 Dec 2009 description

Key Overall Developments

The worsening security situation in South-Central Somalia continues to jeopardize the work of local and international aid agencies trying to assist millions of Somalis who are in need of humanitarian assistance.

On 22 December, unknown gunmen shot dead the head of WFP security guards in Belet Weyne town. The motive for the killing has not yet been determined. On 27 December, unknown masked gunmen shot and killed a staff of a local NGO (Jubbaland) at his residence in Belet Xaawo town, Gedo region.

31 Dec 2009 description


- The security situation throughout South and Central Somalia remains unchanged with heavy fighting during the reporting period particularly in Mogadishu, resulting in significant displacement and civilian deaths.

- Approximately 19,000 people were displaced in December 2009 throughout Somalia, out of which approximately 13,000 people were displaced due to insecurity in Mogadishu.

30 Dec 2009 description

Two appalling events marked 2009: one was the largest ever massacre of journalists in a single day - a total of 30 killed - by the private militia of a governor in the southern Philippines and the other was an Tunprecedented wave of arrests and convictions of journalists and bloggers in Iran following President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed reelection.

A total of around 160 journalists in all continents were forced to go into exile to escape prison or death, often in very dangerous circumstances.

30 Dec 2009 description
report Inter Press Service

By Susan Anyangu-Amu

NAIROBI, Dec 30 (IPS) - The European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) has raised a red flag over the worsening food security situation in the Horn of Africa.

Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner in charge of development and humanitarian aid, attributes the disastrous situation to the terrible potential of climate change.

"Large parts of the Horn of Africa have had less than 75 percent of normal rainfall this year, having already endured a series of severe droughts.

30 Dec 2009 description
  • Civilian death toll falls in 2009

    * Fears of more clashes in capital

    By Abdi Sheikh

    MOGADISHU, Dec 30 (Reuters) - A fall in street battles in the capital Mogadishu led to significantly fewer civilians being killed in Somalia this year, a human rights group said on Wednesday.

    The Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights Organisation said 1,739 civilians were killed in fighting in Somalia this year, down from 7,574 in 2008 and 8,636 in 2007.

    "The death toll was lower this year because there was no serious face-to-face fighting in Mogadishu, but beheadings and …

30 Dec 2009 description

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated $33.2 million for one of the worst complex emergencies in the world today. Seasonal assessments confirm that Somalia faces its worst humanitarian crisis in eighteen years, with half the population or an estimated 3.6 million people in need of emergency livelihood and life-saving assistance. Around 75 percent of those in crisis are concentrated in South and Central Somalia.

29 Dec 2009 description

date 2009-12-29 13:00 name Spokesperson's Office

1. With regard to worsening food crisis in the Horn of Africa, caused by continuous drought, the Government of the Republic of Korea has decided to provide 700,000 dollars in emergency aid - 300,000 dollars to Ethiopia, 200,000 dollars to Kenya, and 200,000 dollars to Somalia - through the World Food Programme (WFP) in order to support efforts to overcome food crisis in the Horn of Africa and join the international community in its humanitarian assistance activities.