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16 Jan 1998 description

New York, Jan. 16, 1998 -- A Lutheran World Relief grant of $20,000 is for flood victims in Somalia. Overflow of the Juba and Shabelle rivers has flooded villages in the surrounding areas, leaving people temporarily or permanently homeless. Most of the food traditionally stored underground has been destroyed and standing crops are rotting under water. Chances of a second planting are uncertain. Latrines have been flooded, dysentery is on the rise and a severe outbreak of malaria

16 Jan 1998 description

Issued weekly by the United Nations World Food Programme

Report No. 03 of 1998 Date: 16 January 1998

This report includes: A) East Africa I: Floods - Somalia and Kenya B) East Africa II: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda C) Central Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo D) Afghanistan.

16 Jan 1998 description

An outbreak similar to that reported in north-eastern Kenya has been reported in Somalia in the flooded area delimited by the towns of Belet Weyne and Johar on the Shabelle River. Four of 13 blood samples from suspected cases have been positive for RVF.

16 Jan 1998 description

9 - 16 January 1998.


Update on Floods in Somalia.