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29 Jan 1998 description



SOMALIA: ICRC COMBATS CHOLERA OUTBREAK IN MOGADISHU: Although the deyr, the shorter of Somalia's two rainy seasons, should have long been over by now, rain continues to fall in areas hit by torrential downpours since last October.

22 Jan 1998 description
report Voice of America


16 Jan 1998 description

New York, Jan. 16, 1998 -- A Lutheran World Relief grant of $20,000 is for flood victims in Somalia. Overflow of the Juba and Shabelle rivers has flooded villages in the surrounding areas, leaving people temporarily or permanently homeless. Most of the food traditionally stored underground has been destroyed and standing crops are rotting under water. Chances of a second planting are uncertain. Latrines have been flooded, dysentery is on the rise and a severe outbreak of malaria

08 Jan 1998 description

The flooding in Somalia has so far caused 1,855 deaths. About one million people are still at risk. Diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and respiratory infections are widespread. Outbreaks of cholera have been confirmed in Mogadishu, Merca and Kismayo. The UN system, NGOs and bilateral donors are undertaking joint operations for relief and rehabilitation at least until June 1998. To date, $14.3 million has been raised for the flood victims. UNDP is offering logistical support and facilitating the coordination of the operation.