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17 Dec 1996 description

UNHCR has issued an appeal for more than $7.7 million to fund new reintegration projects for up to 140,000 refugees who are expected to return to Somalia this coming year. UNHCR's request for funds is part of an appeal for $46.5 million for a joint action programme run by UN agencies in the region. This programme - which represents a new locally based approach- is aimed at stabilising the situation in Somalia and boosting relief and rehabilitation projects.

17 Dec 1996 description

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Reuter) - The battle for the Somali capital Mogadishu widened Tuesday when another major faction joined the fighting, which has killed more than 135 people and wounded 900 in five days.

Witnesses said militiamen under north Mogadishu alliance chief Ali Mahdi Mohamed shelled Hussein Aideed's south

16 Dec 1996 description

Fighting has engulfed the Somali capital, Mogadishu after a mortar shell killed 13 people and wounded 29 at the sprawling Bakaraha market.

North Mogadishu strongman, Ali Mahdi Mohamed, sent his militiamen to fire artillery shells across the truce line.

Analysts fear it's the beginning of a long battle to control the city, divided into enclaves ruled by rival warlords.

05 Dec 1996 description

This report has been prepared by the office of the United Nations Development Programme and Resident Representative for Somalia
If you have any queries or would like to receive more information on the situation in Somalia, please contact the Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA) in Geneva or New York.


13 Nov 1996 description

MOGADISHU, Nov 12 (Reuter) - Five people including three children were killed and 12 wounded on Tuesday in clashes between rival factions in southern Mogadishu where mortar bombs slammed into civilian areas.

More than 20 mortar bombs fired by both sides crashed into a residential area near Mogadishu's former military hospital.

Witnesses said three children were killed when a 120 mm mortar bomb hit their home. Seven wounded from the area were brought to the Hassan Jiis Memorial Hospital, a doctor said.

07 Nov 1996 description
report Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Two rival factions battled in south Mogadishu Tuesday, killing at least nine people, including three residents of a refugee camp for Somalis displaced by six years of civil war.

Sixteen others were wounded in the latest round of fighting, which broke out a day after the leaders of Somalia's three rival factions named mediators for peace talks.

It was not clear when representatives for Hussein Aidid, Ali Mahdi Mohamed and Osman Hassan Ali, known as Atto, would meet.

A militia leader loyal to Ali Mahdi accused Aidid's forces of starting the …

01 Nov 1996 description

The following is the sixth in a series of updates prepared by the UNDP Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia (UNDP/EUE) on the general situation in the countries of the Horn of Africa. Updates cover events in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia and Uganda.

31 Oct 1996 description

Situation Report : 1-31 October 1996


18 Oct 1996 description

This report includes: A) Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania B) Somalia C) Angola D) Afghanistan E) Commonwealth of Independent States: Chechnya, Tajikistan F) Former Yugoslavia

16 Oct 1996 description
report Voice of America


16 Oct 1996 description

NAIROBI (Reuter) - Rival Somali faction leaders have ordered implementation of a peace deal forged in a week of secret talks on how to end the chaos in their country, officials said.

The agreement, one of many signed by Somali factions since the country disintegrated after the 1991 overthrow of dictator

15 Oct 1996 description
report Voice of America