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31 Dec 2008 description

General Assembly
Sixty-third session

Security Council
Sixty-third year

Agenda item 31
Comprehensive review of the whole question of

31 Dec 2008 description

The year 2008 in Somalia was marked by public health emergencies due to civil conflicts, drought and floods. The delivery of health services to the Somali population was severely affected by the ongoing crisis and a worsening security situation. Approximately 3.5 million people were in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Despite these deepening challenges, WHO maintained its presence in Somalia, and in collaboration with health cluster partners, established and strengthened primary and secondary health care services and established community-based initiatives.

31 Dec 2008 description


This report focuses on the Somali legal frameworks and institutional systems relating to land and on the historical background of the current landholding and ownership patterns in Somalia. However, it also looks at a much wider range of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental contexts relating to land and examines some of the theoretical debates on land issues, in order to apply them to Somalia.

Due to security issues and time constraints, it is primarily a summary and synthesis of existing literature on these subjects (which has a number of …

31 Dec 2008 description



As one of the three durable solutions for refugees, resettlement is often used when the other options - voluntary repatriation and local integration - are not available. UNHCR Khartoum has been working with resettlement countries to provide this option to refugees in Sudan, particularly those with specific needs.

There are criteria defined by resettlement countries and UNHCR for a refugee to be considered for this option.

31 Dec 2008 description

MAG and CWMD - MAG uses the term Conventional Weapons Management and Disposal (CWMD) to more accurately reflect the range of munitions it encounters in support of stockpile management, as in many of its projects items outside of the SALW definition are dealt with, such as aircraft bombs, large calibre artillery, mortar ammunition and rockets. MAG is currently undertaking CWMD projects in Burundi, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Iraq, Republic of Congo (RoC), Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan.

31 Dec 2008 description
report UN Security Council

I have the honour to refer to my letter to you of 19 December 2008 (S/2008/804), in which I set out proposals on a package of steps that could be undertaken to support the implementation of the Djibouti peace process and contribute to enabling the conditions required for eventual deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Somalia.

I understand that the Security Council is now considering a draft resolution which, inter alia, provides that the United Nations would develop and deliver a …

31 Dec 2008 description

EAST AFRICA: October- December rains began on time but ended early in south- central Somalia, northeastern and southeastern Kenya, and in parts of southeastern Ethiopia, negatively affecting crop prospects and pasture in these areas. In south- central Soma lia, increased civil insecurity and rampant sea piracy also continue to exacerbate existing food insecurity through displacement, dis ruption of both commercial and humanitarian food imports, and restrictions on food access among already impoverished popula tions.

31 Dec 2008 description
report UN Children's Fund

Using Plumpy'Doz, the latest generation of ready-to-use food

NAIROBI, 31 December 2008 - UNICEF has introduced an emergency food supplement to prevent malnutrition in over 100,000 of the most vulnerable children in Somalia.

'Plumpy'Doz', is the latest generation of nutritious, safe, convenient, and ready-to-use food designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of children aged six to 36 months and supplement food distributions by partners such as the World Food Programme (WFP) as well as other home food sources.

Three teaspoons of Plumpy'Doz three times a day …

31 Dec 2008 description
report Voice of America

Witnesses in Somalia say at least 10 civilians were killed when government forces shelled a busy market during fighting with Islamic militants in the capital, Mogadishu.

The fighting erupted Tuesday when al-Shabab militants fired rockets at a Somali military base. Witnesses say government troops then returned fire causing the civilian deaths.

31 Dec 2008 description
report UN News Service

Somalia's problems are driven by a lack of responsible political leadership, the top United Nations envoy to the Horn of Africa nation said today.

In a letter to the diaspora, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the Secretary-General's Special Representative, said that there is an "emerging consensus that ultimately your country's problems stem from the absence of accountable and committed national leadership."

The key problem facing Somalia - which has not had a functioning central government since 1991 - is not one of security, but rather the vacuum in political …

31 Dec 2008 description
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General Situation during December 2008
Forecast until mid-February 2009

31 Dec 2008 description

Summary Findings

- The total number of Internally Displaced People in the CEA region is 9.1 million in December 2008.

31 Dec 2008 description

Executive Summary

In response to the dramatic rise of global food prices since 2007, WFP has been providing funding and technical support to WFP staff and partners to assess the impact of higher prices and structural vulnerabilities and a growing and 'new face of hunger'.

31 Dec 2008 description

1. Health care section: Warsheik District- Middle Shabelle

2. Report title: Monthly health care report: Report number: 06

3. Project identification: UNICEF Somalia/ csz/yh101&yn102/03/2008/1028

AWP reference: YH101/03/01, 02, 03, 05

31 Dec 2008 description

This price watch bulletin covers the quarterly period from September to November 2008. The objective of the bulletin is to provide early warning information on price changes of staple food commodities and their likely impact on the cost of the food basket. Price changes are determined for each country on a quarterly basis.


- Prices still remain significantly higher compared to last year and long term averages, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa, Asia and Middle East.