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04 May 2015 description
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General Situation during April 2015
Forecast until mid-June 2015

04 Mar 2015 description

Situation Générale en février 2015 Prévision jusqu'à ’mi-avril 2015

La situation relative au Criquet pèlerin est restée préoccupante en février le long de la cote de la mer Rouge, au Soudan et en Érythrée, où des opérations de lutte ont été réalisées contre un grand nombre de bandes larvaires, groupes d’ailes et essaims.

03 Mar 2015 description
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General Situation during February 2015
Forecast until mid-April 2015

02 Feb 2015 description
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General Situation during January 2015
Forecast until mid-March 2015

03 Dec 2014 description
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General Situation during November 2014
Forecast until January 2015

22 Nov 2013 description

This month’s update highlights children and armed conflict concerns and provides recommendations for the protection of children in the situations of the Central African region / Lord’s Resistance Army, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen and the Philippines. It includes recommendations in particular for the inclusion of grave violations against children as a specific aspect of all reports published by the UN Secretary-General on the situation in Abyei, along the Sudan-South Sudan border.

27 Jul 2010 description
report IRIN

DAKAR, 27 July 2010 (IRIN) - As the humanitarian "system" becomes more complex, with new actors and overlapping mandates, different definitions of humanitarian aid, and ever-more ambitious goals, humanitarian aid watchdog Development Initiatives outlines some of the needs, responses and funding trends over the past decade in its 2010 Global Humanitarian Assistance (GHA) report. [http://www.devinit.org/;

27 Apr 2010 description

Sudan, Russia and the Philippines are this year's top three major risers in the internationally-acclaimed global ranking 'Peoples under Threat', Minority Rights Group International (MRG) says.

The international human rights organization says that the list of states that have risen most prominently in the table this year are those which have all been the scene of past mass violence, and whose fall down the risk register in recent years has now suddenly been reversed - putting the lives of tens of thousands under threat.

'Those governments who are most likely to kill …

27 Mar 2009 description


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Washington, D.C., from Haiti in the afternoon of Tuesday, 10 March.

He held a wide-ranging and very productive meeting with United States President Barack Obama at the White House that afternoon, covering a broad range of issues confronting the international community. (See Press Release SG/SM/12131)

Among other things, they discussed the international economic crisis and emphasized the need to ensure that the world's poor and most vulnerable people are not left behind.

14 Jan 2009 description
report UN Security Council


Aperçu des travaux du
Conseil de sécurité en 2008

Le Conseil de sécurité a connu en 2008 une activité toujours aussi soutenue, largement dominée, une nouvelle fois, par les questions africaines et le Moyen-Orient.

27 Nov 2008 description

Geneva (ICRC) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is asking donors for more than 1.1 billion Swiss francs (714 million euros / 939 million US dollars) to fund its worldwide efforts to help people affected by armed conflict and other violence in 2009.

"The cumulative impact of armed conflict, high commodity prices, the economic and financial crisis, and environmental factors, such as drought, will hit the poorest and most vulnerable people particularly hard," said ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger. "This is already the case in Somalia, Afghanistan and …

30 Apr 2007 description



The Security Council has decided to extend the mandates of two peacekeeping missions - for Sudan and Western Sahara - which had been otherwise set to expire by the end of the day.

13 Sep 2006 description
report Save the Children


No child should have to pay the price for adults' wars, but increasingly they do. Millions of children are killed, millions more are injured, and millions spend their entire childhood in camps and other temporary shelters. Children cannot wait for conflict to end before we begin to address their educational needs. It is shameful that, in 2006, there are still 115 million children around the world who are denied their right to primary education. It is even more disturbing that one-third of these children are being kept out of school because of the effects of conflict.

11 Jul 2006 description

July 11 (Reuters) - Following is a rundown of the 10 worst places to be a child according to a Reuters poll of humanitarian experts released on Tuesday. The countries are listed according to how many votes they received.

DARFUR, SUDAN: An estimated 1.75 million children are living in and around camps. Girls risk being raped when they go to search for firewood. Boys are recruited to fight in armed groups.

16 Mar 2005 description

Jan Egeland, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, briefed journalists on a meeting being held in Geneva today and tomorrow of United Nations humanitarian coordinators from crisis areas where the Organizations maintains large operations. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the major challenges facing humanitarian relief efforts, with a view to ensuring a more coherent presence of the UN country teams, together with the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. Mr.