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06 Jul 2018 description
report Insecurity Insight

This overview document presents security incidents that affected aid delivery in 2017. The report is based on incidents identified by Insecurity Insight's monitoring of open sources and reported by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND) in 2017. It presents analysis of 2,152 NGO-related security incidents for which details were shared or made public. The total number of reported incidents below reflects the willingness of agencies to share information. It is neither a complete count, nor representative.

29 Mar 2018 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

Aid in Danger partner agency incidents. Partner agencies operate in 16 countries. Partner agencies reported 231 incidents in eight countries and three security measures taken to protect staff, assets and programmes in two countries. The total number of reported incidents below reflects the willingness of agencies to share information. It is not a complete count nor representative. For other incidents recorded by the Aid in Danger project, including from open sources, please see NGO Security Incident Overview.

14 Dec 2017 description
report Insecurity Insight

This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources.


13 November 2017: Save the Children announced that it had fired 16 staff over reports of sexual violence in the past year. Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

03 Oct 2017 description

Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme

Update on UNHCR’s operations in Africa

A. Situational analysis including new developments

29 Aug 2017 description



Dans la nuit du 24 août, des membres présumés de Boko Haram ont attaqué le village de Gakara, juste à la sortie de la ville de Kolofata, près de la frontière nigériane, tuant 15 personnes et en kidnappant 8 autres, selon une déclaration officielle le 25 août. Les assaillants ont incendié environ 30 maisons. Kolofata accueille de nombreux déplacés et la zone est devenue la cible d'attentats suicides fréquents, limitant ainsi l'accès à l'aide humanitaire.

29 Aug 2017 description



Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked Gakara village just outside the town of Kolofata, near the Nigerian border, on the night of 24 August, killing 15 people and kidnapping 8 others, officials said on 25 August. The attackers burned down around 30 houses. Kolofata hosts a large displaced population but the area has become a frequent target of suicide bombings, thus constraining access to humanitarian aid.


21 Aug 2017 description


This weekly bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 43 events in the region. This week, one new event has been reported: flash floods/mudslides in Sierra Leone. This week’s edition also covers key ongoing events, including:

• Lassa fever and cholera in Nigeria

• Cholera in the United Republic of Tanzania

• Necrotizing cellulitis/fasciitis in the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Principe

19 Jun 2017 description
report Insecurity Insight

Sexual violence in humanitarian settings is rarely reported as a security incident. This overview document presents incidents reported over a 27-month period. It includes data shared by Report the Abuse and incidents reported in open sources and by Security in Numbers Database (SiND) partner agencies. It does not present a representative sample, but instead provides insight into the nature of these incidents.

14 Jun 2017 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

Aid in Danger partner agency incidents: Partner agencies operate in 16 countries. Agencies reported 281 incidents in 13 countries and 13 security measures taken to protect staff, assets and programmes in five countries.

26 Jan 2017 description

Date of launch: 20 January, 2017

Number of people affected: 50,000

Number of people to be assisted: 10,000 people (with NFI distribution to 1,150 families/5,750 people, hygiene promotion to 3,600 families/10,000 people in addition to those reached through the health facilities and distribution of awareness materials)


Description of the disaster

22 Oct 2016 description

More than two and a half years after the Ebola outbreak officially began, MSF is now closing its last projects in West Africa dedicated to caring for people who survived the disease.

04 Oct 2016 description


  • US$739 million required for Lake Chad Basin crisis.

  • Food insecurity on the rise across the conflict-hit Lake Chad Basin.

  • Above average rainfall across much of Sahel and West Africa.

  • Record flooding expected to hit Mali’s inner Niger delta in the coming months.

  • Côte d’Ivoire officially reopens border with Guinea and Sierra Leone following the end of Ebola outbreak.


25 Aug 2016 description

Psychosocial support (PSS) has been one of the five pillars of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ (IFRC) response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

As the Ebola operation gradually moves from response to recovery, there are growing experiences in terms of understanding the psychosocial needs of beneficiaries, staff, and volunteers, and in implementing psychosocial support inter-ventions for beneficiaries in the context of Ebola.