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09 Jul 2015 description

I. Overview

The Ebola outbreak has substantially stunted development progress in the three countries. As shown in Box 1, the real growth rates in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecast for 2014 dropped in Guinea to an estimated 1.1 percent from 4.5 percent, in Liberia to an estimated 0.7 per cent from 5.9 percent, and in Sierra Leone to an estimated 7.1 percent from 11.3 percent.

01 Aug 2014 description
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Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Response Plan
Annex 1 - WHO Strategic Action Plan for Ebola Outbreak Response
Annex 2 - Planned Response to the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Guinea
Annex 3 - Liberia Operational Plan for Accelerated Response to Re-occurrence of Ebola Epidemic
AnAnnex 4 - Sierra Leone Accelerated Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Response Plan

At the beginning of the outbreak in Guinea and Liberia, this event was graded as a Level 2 based on the Emergency Response Framework (ERF). On 24 July 2014, the Director-General took the decision, based on the ongoing severity of the outbreak and a report of a case travelling from Liberia to Nigeria, to re-grade the event as a Level 3. In the ERF, a Level 2 event means WHO provides moderate support to the affected countries. With the re-grading to Level 3, WHO’s response is now consider substantial and additional resources must be mobilized.