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21 Nov 2014 description

By Felicity James

An Australian company setting up an Ebola treatment centre in West Africa has confirmed the hospital should be ready to take patients by early December.

In early November the Federal Government committed up to $20 million in funding for private company Aspen Medical to run the 100-bed Ebola treatment clinic in Sierra Leone.

11 Jan 1999 description

The human rights group, Amnesty International says children have become deliberate targets of war.

07 Jan 1999 description

Rebels in the west African state of Sierra Leone have attacked the capital FREETOWN, engaging in clashes with West African peacekeepers sent to defend the city.

Africa correspondent BEN WILSON reports, the country's information minister has described the situation as serious, urging residents to remain indoors.

The fighting erupted in the early hours of the morning, with Nigerian led ECOMOG peacekeeping soldiers engaging with rebel units which had entered the eastern suburbs of the capital. Thousands of terrified residents are flocking to the centre of town to escape the …

30 Dec 1998 description

The renewed civil war in the West African nation of Sierra Leone is threatening to spill over its borders... and become a regional African conflict.

David Hecht reports.

The growing concensus is that Sierra Leone's rebels have made their latest advance with the help of neighbouring Liberia. The US State Department has issued a statement urging it to stop despite its denials. The rebels have now taken Makeni, the main town in the north. Last week they came as close as 30-kilometres from the capital, Freetown.

26 Aug 1998 description

A court in Sierra Leone has sentenced 16 civilians, including five journalists, to death by hanging for collaborating with the West African country's ousted military regime.

The judge presiding over the case in the capital, Freetown, allowed the defendants 21 days to appeal the sentences.

The ruling came just a day after a 12-member jury found the 16 guilty of helping the country's former military junta take power in an armed coup d'etat last May.

The junta troops led by Lt. Col.

13 Feb 1998 description

(12:55pm AEDT)

Nigerian troops say they've ousted Sierra Leone's nine-month-old military junta after seizing control of the capital, Freetown.

The move follows a week-long offensive that culminated in heavy shelling and gunfire as troops of the West African intervention force occupied parliament buildings and other strategic locations. At least 100 people have died as a result of the fighting.

11 Feb 1998 description

(12:20pm AEDT)

Fighting is continuing between troops of the Sierra Leone junta and the Nigerian-led peacekeeping force.

Local radio reports quotes witnesses as saying the clashes occurred near villages on the hills around the capital, Freetown.

The radio says it was the most serious fighting since it resumed between the two sides six days ago.

Hundreds of civilians have fled the fighting and the United Nations Security Council has called for an immediate end to the hostilities.

10 Feb 1998 description

A Nigerian jet has bombed a radio transmitter site near the capital of the west African state of Sierra Leone.

The Nigerian-led force ECOMOG wants the junta which took power in Freetown in May last year to restore control to the elected civilian government it ousted.

Two bombs hit Leicester Peak, five kilometres from Freetown.

However, broadcasts from a transmitter on the peak were only briefly interrupted.

At least 25 people have been killed in fighting in Sierra Leone in the past week, including 12 civilians.

19 Oct 1997 description

(9:36pm AEST)

In Sierra Leone, 67 people were killed when their truck plunged into a ravine.

Medical workers say 22 other people were seriously injured in the accident, which occurred when the victims tried to flee fighting in the capital, Freetown.

Many of the victims were crushed by bags of rice, kerosene containers and other goods aboard the vehicle.

The passengers were fleeing air raids by Nigerian warplanes, flying on behalf of the Economic Community of West African States, to restore civilian rule after a military coup in May.

14 Jul 1997 description

(4:23am AEST)

Reports from the West African state of Sierra Leone say dozens of people have been killed in renewed clashes between Nigerian troops and forces loyal to Sierra Leone's new military junta.

The fighting is said to be focussed on four villages about 30 kilometers east of the capital, Freetown.

The Nigerians are part of a West African force attempting to reinstate Sierra Leone's elected government, ousted in a military coup two months ago.

=A9 1996 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

20 Jun 1997 description

Friday 20 June, 1997 (5:07am AEST)

More than fifty people have died in heavy fighting between Sierra Leonean junta troops and rebel forces in Kenema, about 240 kilometres east of the capital, Freetown.

The A-F-P newsagency reports fifty of the 52 people killed were Kamajors, traditional hunters formed into militia groups and loyal to President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, who was overthrown in an army coup on May 25.

The rebel force was made up of Kamajors, Nigerian troops, and members of a disbanded Liberian armed faction, the United Liberation Movement - ULIMO-K.

06 Jun 1997 description

The head of a peace-keeping force in West Africa says the leaders of the coup in Sierra Leone have called for a truce.

05 Jun 1997 description

The threat of renewed military intervention to oust a 10-day-old junta loomed in Sierra Leone as Ghana sent troops to the capital, Freetown, to boost the Nigerian forces already in place.

04 Jun 1997 description

Sierra Leonean forces have reportedly taken 300-Nigerian soldiers as human shields in the capital, Freetown.

Military sources say most have been captured at Lungi international airport and from Jui, 25-kilometres east of Freetown, where a Nigerian contingent of the west African peacekeeping force, ECOMOG, has a base.

Their capture has lent credence to reports that Nigerian troops have lost control of the airport.

26 May 1997 description

The Organisation of African Unity has condemned a military coup in Sierra Leone, describing it as unacceptable to the continent.

O-A-U Secretary General Salim Ahmed Salim, said it was particularly lamentable that the west African nation's army had decided to challenge the legitimate voice of the people of Sierra Leone.

Members of Sierra Leone's armed forces overthrew the civilian government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah early Sunday.