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21 May 2018 description
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Press Release
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Communication on Education in Emergencies and Protracted Crises

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 18 May 2018

Education in emergencies helps millions of children in need across the world.

The Commission has adopted a new policy framework today that aims to increase humanitarian funding for education in emergencies and crises to 10% of its overall humanitarian aid budget as of 2019. The policy also aims to bring children caught up in humanitarian crises back to learning within 3 months.

10 Jul 2015 description

The Current Situation and Financial Assistance

West Africa is facing the largest and most complex Ebola epidemic on record. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have been the most affected countries. Over 27, 514 people have been infected, more than 11,220 of whom have died.

10 Jul 2015 description

La Commission européenne annoncera aujourd'hui l'octroi d'une aide d'environ 450 millions d'euros destinée à soutenir le redressement des trois pays les plus touchés par le virus Ebola, à savoir la Guinée, la Sierra Leone et le Liberia. La mesure sera annoncée par M. Christos Stylianides, commissaire chargé de l’aide humanitaire et de la gestion des crises et coordinateur de l'UE pour la lutte contre le virus Ebola, à l'occasion de la «Conférence internationale sur le relèvement après l'Ebola» organisée par les Nations unies à New York.

02 Mar 2015 description

Brussels, 02 March 2015

West Africa is facing the largest and most complex Ebola epidemic on record. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are the most affected countries. Over 22 900 people have been infected, more than 9 200 of whom have died.

02 Mar 2015 description

Bruxelles, 02 mars 2015

L'Afrique de l’Ouest est confrontée à l'épidémie d’Ebola la plus importante et la plus complexe jamais enregistrée. La Guinée, le Liberia et la Sierra Leone sont les pays les plus touchés. Plus de 22 900 personnes ont été infectées et 9 200 d'entre elles sont décédées.

24 Feb 2015 description
report European Commission

Summary: 24 February 2015, Brussels - The fight against Ebola has moved one step closer to an effective treatment against the disease. Thanks to EU funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) last night announced encouraging evidence that the antiviral drug favipiravir might be an effective treatment against early Ebola disease.

16 Jan 2015 description
report European Commission

Summary: 16 January 2015, Brussels - The EU has acted decisively since the early stages of the current Ebola crisis and is today announcing its latest actions in the field of research. Support to research is part of the EU's response, together with humanitarian aid, expertise, international coordination and longer-term development assistance.

15 Dec 2014 description
report European Commission

Following the World Health Organisation’s recommendation, exit screening of travellers leaving the Ebola affected countries was put in place in August, to reduce the risk of spread of Ebola. These exit screening procedures have been implemented at the airports of the affected countries with support from the US Centre of Disease Control (CDC).

12 Dec 2014 description
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A new batch of urgently needed medical and relief supplies is leaving to the Ebola-affected region in West Africa today on board of the Dutch ship "Karel Doorman".

For the second time, as part of the coordinated European response to the Ebola outbreak, the Netherlands has offered to transport vital supplies free of charge. The vessel is carrying 1,500 tons of food for the World Food Programme (WFP) in addition to more than 50 vehicles, medical supplies and protective clothing for health personnel offered by Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.

08 Dec 2014 description

Brussels, 08 December 2014

West Africa is currently facing the largest and most complex Ebola epidemic on record. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are the most affected countries. The disease has already claimed more than 6 000 lives and has seen over 17 000 cases.

12 Nov 2014 description

Summary: 11 November 2014, Brussels - EU Ebola Coordinator Christos Stylianides and Commissioner for Health, Vytenis Andriukaitis will start their four-day visit to the countries most affected by the Ebola epidemic. This is a sign of the political commitment of the European Commission to help bring to an end the Ebola epidemic which has already claimed more than 5000 lives. Just ahead of the mission, today Commissioner Andriukaitis launched a new platform enabling the rapid exchange of information on the treatment and prevention of the Ebola virus disease.

06 Nov 2014 description

Brussels, 06 November 2014

The European Union and its Member States have now pledged more than €1 billion in response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. This means the Union has already gone beyond the target set by the European Council on 24 October for €1 billion in assistance to stem the epidemic.

The EU is boosting its investment in Ebola research, sending more material aid and providing new capacity for medical evacuations of international aid workers.

23 Oct 2014 description
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The European Commission has today announced €24.4 million from the EU budget for urgently needed Ebola research. The funding will go to five projects, ranging from a large-scale clinical trial of a potential vaccine, to testing existing and novel compounds to treat Ebola. The money from Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme, will be provided via a fast-track procedure in order to start work as soon as possible.

16 Dec 2009 description

La Commission européenne décide d'allouer 30 millions d'EUR pour amortir l'impact de la crise économique en Haïti

La Commission européenne a approuvé les premières décisions de financement en faveur d'onze pays d'Afrique et de deux pays des Caraïbes, dont Haïti, pour 230 millions d'EUR au total, dont 215 millions au titre du «mécanisme FLEX relatif à la vulnérabilité (V­FLEX)». Il s'agit de la première série de décisions de financement dans le cadre du mécanisme V­FLEX, doté de 500 millions d'EUR, qui a été adoptée en août 2009 en réponse à la crise …

21 Oct 2009 description

Today the European Commission adopted proposals to amend two existing legislative instruments of the Common European Asylum System: the Directive on qualification and status of persons in need of international protection and the Directive on asylum procedures.

These amendments follow the proposals presented by the Commission in December 2008 and in 2009 to implement the Hague Programme and the Policy Plan on Asylum 1 : the Directive on reception conditions for asylum-seekers, the Dublin Regulation, the Eurodac Regulation, the European Asylum Support Office Regulation and the joint EU …

21 Oct 2009 description

La Commission européenne a adopté aujourd'hui des propositions modifiant deux instruments législatifs existants concernant le régime d'asile européen commun: la directive sur les conditions que doivent remplir les personnes ayant besoin d'une protection internationale et le contenu de cette protection et la directive sur les procédures d'asile.

Ces modifications font suite aux propositions présentées par la Commission en décembre 2008 et en 2009 en vue de mettre en œuvre le programme de La Haye et le plan d'action en matière d'asile 1 : la directive sur les …

21 Oct 2009 description

Why is it necessary to have Community rules for the qualification and status of beneficiaries of international protection as well as common procedural rules for granting and withdrawing it?

The Treaty establishing the European Community specifically requested the Council to adopt standards for the qualification and status of persons who need international protection and the content of the protection granted. This would be an integral part of the Common European Asylum System called for by the EU Heads of State and Government meeting in Tampere in 1999.

09 Jul 2009 description


This report is submitted to the European Parliament and the Council in compliance with the reporting requirement set out in Article 23 of Regulation (EC) N=B01717/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 November 2006 establishing an Instrument for Stability (the IfS Regulation). This article states:

'The Commission shall examine progress achieved in implementing the measures undertaken pursuant to this Regulation and shall submit to the European Parliament and the Council an annual report on the implementation of the assistance.

08 May 2009 description
report European Commission


In 2008, there were nearly 240 000 asylum applicants registered in the EU27, or 480 applicants per million inhabitants. The main countries of citizenship of these applicants were Iraq (29 000 or 12% of the total number of applicants), Russia (21 100 or 9%), Somalia (14 300 or 6%), Serbia (13 600 or 6%) and Afghanistan (12 600 or 5%).

These data on asylum applicants in the EU27 are taken from a report issued by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

Highest number of applicants per inhabitant recorded in Malta and Cyprus

In 2008, among the …