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06 Dec 1999 description

SIERRA LEONE "Thanks to Church World Service for helping to bring us here," says Binta Bah, a Sierra Leonean refugee, who, along with her two sons and sister, was resettled in the U.S. with the help of the CWS Immigration and Refugee Program. She lost her husband and baby daughter and her home because of the ongoing war there. In Sierra Leone, Binta Bah sold goods in the local marketplace and her husband was an inspector in the diamond mines. She and two surviving children, and her sister, are among the 161 refugees from Sierra Leone resettled in the U.S. by CWS this year.

20 Sep 1999 description

Tension and war-like conditions continue in the border area between Liberia and Sierra Leone, with ongoing harassment of the civilian population in the area. Thousands of dislocated Liberians and more than 50,000 Sierra Leonian refugees are now in northern Liberia. The Liberian government and churches have asked humanitarian organizations for assistance. CWS is seeking $100,000 to assist the internally displaced and refugees. The assistance will include agricultural support, rebuilding of community infrastructure, and distribution of food and non-food items.

14 Sep 1999 description

(In support of ACT Appeal #AFLR91, Liberia Transition)
ACT Appeal Target: $1,945,472

28 Apr 1999 description

A recent Church World Service shipment of 101,000 Gift of the Heart Kits to Sierra Leone, in West Africa for war refugees being sheltered in Freetown's national stadium, along with the shipment to the Balkans, depletes our current supply of School Kits. Church World Service is asking groups and congregations to help us replenish our supply of these vital School Kits, as well as the other Gift of the Heart Kits. The need for them is tremendous, as the tragedy escalates in the Balkans, and in continuing areas of crisis around the world.

15 Mar 1999 description

SIERRA LEONE -- Some 15,000 people in the capital of Freetown, are receiving plastic sheeting, blankets, and other non-food items with the help of Church World Service and its international partners through Action by Churches Together (ACT). Church World Service partner, the Council of Churches of Sierra Leone (CCSL), is giving priority to women and children, pregnant women, older and injured people who have lost their homes or have been displaced by the fighting.

08 Feb 1999 description

34 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs

18 Jan 1999 description

For more than a year and a half, families in the West African nation of Sierra Leone have been struggling to provide for themselves in the midst of a conflict between rebel military forces and the elected government. In May 1997, the government was overthrown by a military junta, but has since won back its place in the leadership. In recent weeks, however, rebel hostilities have sent many Sierra Leonians fleeing for their lives.