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12 Aug 2016 description

Sierra Leone’s capital city Freetown has recently erected its first post-war traffic lights. A symbol for the country’s recovery not just from a brutal war which lasted 14 years, but from the Ebola epidemic. CAFOD’s Country Representative for Sierra Leone and Liberia, Kayode Akintola, said of the traffic lights:

Most of us might only notice a traffic light when it makes us wait. But in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, the West African country’s first working traffic lights is a symbol of recovery and progress after years of war and a struggle with the deadly Ebola virus.

30 Jul 2015 description

Christian and Muslim leaders played “essential role” in tackling the Ebola virus

Faith leaders in Sierra Leone and Liberia played an “essential role” in stemming the spread of the Ebola virus, according to a new report, but the delay in involving them in the response cost lives.

02 Jun 2015 description

As part of the SMART Consortium – an Alliance of faith-based organisations working on the Ebola virus response - the Consortium led by World Vision has won the prestigious BOND International Humanitarian Award.

Presented at a ceremony on 1 June 2015 in London, the award recognises the courageous service of the more than 800 burial workers who serve with SMART, a UK government-funded consortium comprising of World Vision, CAFOD, and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

12 Feb 2015 description

11 February 2015 - As Ebola infection rates drop in Sierra Leone, Christian relief agencies are urging global and national institutions, donors and policy makers to ensure Sierra Leone’s faith leaders are given a “pivotal” role in their post-Ebola recovery plans.

Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tearfund believe global institutions such as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations have not engaged sufficiently with Christian and Muslim leaders in Sierra Leone, who they say have played a vital and often unsung role in the fight against Ebola virus.

27 Jan 2015 description

CAFOD and its partners have intensified their Ebola response work in Sierra Leone, joining the international effort to reach zero new cases of Ebola in the coming months.

03 Oct 2014 description

The deadliest outbreak of the Ebola virus in recorded history is gripping West Africa, and countries affected are now struggling to contain the outbreak.

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In the worst affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – the virus has hit densely populated urban areas as well as the remote countryside, and is now spreading at an exponential rate.

Our partner Monsignor Robert Vitillo is in Liberia's capital, Monrovia. He said:

24 Sep 2014 description

What is Ebola?

Ebola virus disease is a severe acute viral illness often characterised by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding.

29 Aug 2014 description

29 August 2014

With the number of Ebola cases continuing to rise dramatically across West Africa, CAFOD is working with priests, imams and traditional religious leaders to save lives in remote communities.

25 Jul 2014 description

Hundreds of people have died from the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. CAFOD’s partners are on the ground, helping communities to protect themselves.

An outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease has hit communities in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. To date, the World Health Organisation estimates that 786 people have been infected, and 442 people have died, making it the largest outbreak ever known.

27 Feb 2009 description

The conviction of three Revolutionary United Front (RUF) leaders by the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone is not enough to provide real justice for victims of the civil war

The Special Court in Freetown has found three senior rebel leaders of the RUF guilty of multiple crimes against humanity - but, although we welcome the court's decision, there is still an urgent need for greater support for the survivors of the conflict.

19 Apr 2006 description

Whether in the main cities or along the beautiful coastline which fringes the country, Sierra Leone's population is working hard to build a better future

03 Apr 2006 description

Travelling through the towns of Bo and Kenema gives a rare insight into the different levels of resources available across Sierra Leone

20 Jul 2001 description

The entire cost of the multi-million pound peace-keeping operation in Sierra Leone will be wasted if the British government fails to adopt a regional strategy for peace that places children and young people at its centre, according to CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency.

12 Jun 2000 description

The Director of a CAFOD-funded child soldier rehabilitation programme in Sierra Leone says that children fighting for the government will begin to be demobilised this weekend.

02 Jun 2000 description

Antonio Cabral, CAFOD's programme officer for West Africa, returned from Sierra Leone convinced of the need to maintain a U.N. presence with enough weight to enforce peace and help the country reach stability. If U.N. efforts are not fast enough or strong enough, this encourages rebels to terrorise the civilian population, he argues.

09 May 2000 description

CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency, has received an impassioned plea from partners in Sierra Leone to voice their call for an effective peace-enforcement force with the powers and resources to protect civilians from violence.