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25 Jul 2012 description

Executive Summary

Security sector reform (SSR) is a key element in the state-building process. SSR traditionally focuses on re-equipping and re-training security sector institutions, changing policies and practices, and creating oversight mechanisms in contexts emerging from conflict or oppressive regimes. Little focus is placed on changing the culture within the security sector in favour of inclusivity and rights for women and minorities. Moreover, little attention is paid to what internal actors can do to ensure that this type of progress occurs.

25 Jul 2012 description

Scant attention has been paid to how those working within public security organizations, including police services, can create a more inclusive culture. An issue of concern to every society, an inclusive culture is especially critical where conflict or oppression has tainted citizens’ views and reduced police credibility. As security sector institutions work to better reflect the diversity of the populations they serve, women and minority groups may be discriminated against by existing staff and institutional culture.