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12 Mar 2015 description


Comité d’organisation, 1re séance- matin
Assemblée générale
Couverture des réunions

Elle élit Olof Skoog de la Suède à la présidence de la neuvième session annuelle de la CCP

12 Mar 2015 description


Ninth Session, Organizational Committee,
1st Meeting (AM)


Oganizational Committee Elects Bureau, Country-Configuration Chairs

Opening their ninth session, members of the Peacebuilding Commission’s Organizational Committee today elected that body’s 2015 bureau and chairs of its country configurations, as well as discussed its goals for the coming year.

05 Nov 2013 description

Empowering women in natural resource management critical for lasting peace in war-torn countries, says UN report

Geneva/New York/Nairobi, 6 November 2013 – Ensuring that women have better access to and control of natural resources such as land, water, forests and minerals can improve the chances of long-term peace and recovery in war-torn countries, according to a new report released by the United Nations today.

03 Oct 2012 description


Peacebuilding Commission
Sierra Leone configuration
1st Meeting (AM)

Foreign Minister Says Government ‘Firmly Committed’ to Peaceful, Credible
Polls, as Commission Adopts Second Review of Outcome of 2009 High-Level Session

31 Jan 2012 description

Peacebuilding Commission
Fifth session
Organizational Committee

I. Introduction

  1. The present report has been prepared pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/180 and Security Council resolution 1645 (2005), in which the Peacebuilding Commission was requested to submit an annual report to the Assembly for an annual debate and review. The report will also be submitted to the Council, pursuant to its resolution 1646 (2005), for an annual debate. The report covers the fifth session of the Commission, from 1 January to 31 December 2011.

26 Jan 2011 description

The United Nations peacebuilding architecture was bolstering its ability to help post-conflict nations avoid the all-too-common fate of relapsing into violence after the departure of peacekeeping missions, Peter Wittig (Germany), outgoing Chair of the Peacebuilding Commission, said today.

"The challenge is huge," Mr. Wittig said during a Headquarters press conference, noting that half of all countries in that situation fell back into conflict within 10 years. However, the Commissionwas increasingly poised to put those nations on the path to sustainable peace and development, …

08 Sep 2009 description

Assemblée générale
Soixante-quatrième session
Point 10 de l'ordre du jour provisoire*
Rapport de la Commission de consolidation de la paix

Conseil de sécurité

08 Sep 2009 description

General Assembly
Sixty-fourth session
Item 10 of the provisional agenda*
Report of the Peacebuilding Commission

Security Council

22 Jul 2009 description


The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission has welcomed a report by the Secretary-General on peacebuilding in the immediate aftermath of conflict, delivered to the Security Council today.

The report follows a request from the Security Council last year and is part of a series of related initiatives aimed at consolidating and strengthening the United Nations response in the area of peace and security.