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21 Apr 2005 description

Editor's Note: Daniel Kaindaneh is the acting National Director for CCF in Sierra Leone. In 1997, CCF sponsorship activities were forced to a halt by ongoing and brutal civil war that threatened the lives of innocent civilians, including CCF staff members. This is Daniel's personal story of his family's harrowing escape from Sierra Leone, which is a story shared by millions of innocents throughout this region of Africa. Sustained peace in Sierra Leone since 2002 has made it possible to reopen sponsorship.

08 Mar 2005 description

Christian Children's Fund has recently reopened sponsorship in Sierra Leone.

In 1997, CCF's sponsorship program in Sierra Leone was curtailed by civil war that, between 1991 and 2002, took tens of thousands of lives and displaced more than 2 million people. CCF's own acting country director in Sierra Leone, Daniel Kaindaneh, was among the millions who fled from rebel forces, suffering a gunshot wound as he fled with his wife and family.

24 Jul 2003 description

Every year, malaria attacks up to 500 million people, taking the lives of two million -- many of them children. Prevention, health education, and access to medical care are the keys to saving the lives of children in developing countries. And your support of the Sky Siegfried Fund helps make it possible for CCF to accomplish this mission.

28 Jun 2002 description

A decade of war has left the West Africa country of Sierra Leone crippled and bleeding. Christian Children's Fund (CCF) is one of the organizations which are working to help Sierra Leone recover from the diamond wars which have seen possibly the worst child abuse in the history of civilization. To help the children of Sierra Leone begin the healing process so that they can lead productive lives in spite of the horrors they have seen and been part of, CCF has been working with abducted and sexually abused girls and with ex-combatants to help them be reintegrated back into society.

01 Aug 2000 description

The volatile situation in Sierra Leone has once again placed the lives of children in jeopardy.
Nearly ten years of protracted violence, with rampant looting and destruction, severe human rights abuses and a massive displacement of people both internally and across the border has been devastating for Sierra Leone’s children.