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11 Dec 2017 description
report Peace Direct

by Abdul Brima

08 December 2017: Sierra Leone is amongst the poorest countries in the world with alarming cases of mental health problems, worsened by events like the recent devastating floods. With little knowledge about the conditions, and even less support, patients suffer greatly. But support in psychological first aid (PFA) is giving renewed hope to victims of the recent mudslide disaster in Freetown.

16 Nov 2017 description
report Peace Direct

15 November 2017: The political lens is zooming in on Sierra Leone as the country is poised to hold its next presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2018. As political debates intensify, a new document launched by civil society is seen as new hope for democracy and peace. Abdul Brima examines its priority areas.

15 Sep 2017 description
report Peace Direct

13 September 2017: Sierra Leoneans will not forget August 14, 2017. Flash floods and a mudslide left an estimated 500 people dead and caused widespread destruction. The stakes for conflict are high as citizens seek answers to questions of better urban housing facilities and functional land policies. As Insight on Conflict’s Abdul Brima reports from the capital, the situation remains dire for survivors.

They say history exists to teach the past and guide the future. But is this really true?

31 Jul 2017 description
report Peace Direct

21 July 2017: The 2014 outbreak of Ebola – the worst in history – saw almost 4,000 people killed in Sierra Leone. Those who survived now face medical complications while being shunned by their communities. But some say government promises of support are yet to materialise. Abdul Brima asks if this risks confrontation with the authorities.

17 May 2016 description
report Peace Direct

May 17 2016: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. In the first edition, they look at the phenomenon of 'third term' presidents in Africa.

Today we launch a new series of reports from Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Experts. Focusing on five different countries around Africa, the first edition discusses what happens when presidents and prime ministers outstay their welcome.

24 Sep 2015 description
report Peace Direct

September 24 2015: On 9 September, the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone ruled in support of President Ernest Bai Koroma's decision to sack his former vice president. Our local correspondent Abdul Brima describes events leading up to the verdict, and its implications for peace in Sierra Leone.

08 Jul 2015 description
report Peace Direct

July 8 2015: Ebola has killed thousands in Sierra Leone, and its impact is being felt in other ways as well: there is a risk of conflict as survivors are shunned by communities who fear their presence. In an in-depth dispatch, Abdul Brima reports for Insight on Conflict on this phemonenon - as well as the local peacebuilding groups working to counter it.

29 May 2015 description
report Peace Direct

May 29 2015: As Sierra Leone tries to consolidate its fragile peace in the midst of the Ebola epidemic, the onset of a new crisis in the nation's political sphere has threatened stability in the country. Our new Local Correspondent in Sierra Leone, Abdul Brima, reports on recent events.

04 May 2015 description
report Peace Direct

May 3 2015: In the years following the civil war in Sierra Leone, the motorcycle taxi business has emerged as an opportunity for the informal reintegration of former fighters into society. Emily Dallas explores its implications, explaining how employment opportunities as drivers are enabling ex-combatants to pursue a life after the war.

07 Apr 2014 description
report Peace Direct

April 3 2014: Halima Nuhu outlines some of the organisations working at different political levels to mediate conflicts in West Africa.

The importance of mediation as a peacebuilding tool in any society today cannot be overemphasised. Since gaining independence in the 1960s, Nigeria has played a major role in peace advocacy and conflict resolution and has sought to manage its inter-state relations under the framework of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other bilateral arrangements with its immediate neighbours.