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05 Sep 2017 description

Edward Laws
University of Birmingham

What does recent literature tell us about lessons for donors in supporting elections in post-conflict developing countries when the precedent for a peaceful transition of power is either not well entrenched, or non-existent?

1. Overview

13 May 2016 description


What evidence is there that local political dynamics are explanatory factors for the success or failure of aid programmes? Provide examples, drawing on aggregated analyses of aid projects, where available.


28 Jan 2016 description


Review of literature and identification of case studies for evidence on youth mobilisation and technology. What mobile phone interventions or social media have been used by young people effectively to improve development outcomes for: a) accountability and transparency such as through the collection, monitoring and use of data b) improving delivery of essential services for young people (such as education or SRHR) c) promoting positive lifestyle choices and behavioural change, and d) supporting humanitarian service delivery in crisis situations.

14 Jan 2015 description

Impact and implications of the Ebola crisis: What are the political, economic, social and security implications of the Ebola crisis, with a particular focus on Sierra Leone?

Key findings:

24 Mar 2014 description


Cost of elections in fragile states: Please provide a comparison of how much national elections (Presidential and Parliamentary) have cost per capita in fragile states since 2000.

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Key findings: There is limited literature available on this topic. A lot of the information that is available only provides the cost of certain elements of the election, mainly in relation to voter registration. In addition, there appear to be inconsistencies in the costings provided by the available sources.

19 Oct 2012 description


Preventing conflict between refugees and host communities: Provide examples of good practice/programmes in preventing/addressing conflict between refugees and host communities

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This report includes programme examples from 13 countries. It highlights three main types of programme designed to tackle tensions and conflicts between refugees and host communities: