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20 Sep 2017 description

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland is convening a group of specialists from across the Commonwealth to examine how to “coordinate, create and shape a task force” to assist with mobilising international assistance to provide protection and assistance with recovery from the impact of violent storms and similar emergencies.

18 Oct 2014 description

“The Ebola virus is an unparalleled challenge to the social fabric and wellbeing of affected countries. It is a medical calamity which is taking an enormous toll at the personal and national level.”

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma made the remarks in a briefing to High Commissioners in London this week, after speaking again to Sierra Leone’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Dr Kamura Samara, about appropriate Commonwealth support.

12 Feb 2013 description

The Commonwealth is working with its members in Africa on improving accountability and adherence to International Humanitarian Law

Even in times of war and conflict, countries are governed by international laws to minimise the suffering of civilians and those no longer taking part in hostilities.

08 Dec 2008 description

In 2002, children were fighting in 37 of the world's 55 ongoing or recently concluded conflicts and they numbered around 300,000

One of the most significant rulings from the Special Court for Sierra Leone was on the recruitment of child soldiers.

The Court had to rule on a motion by the accused, Sam Hinga Norman (founder and leader of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF) in Sierra Leone), who argued that the Court did not have jurisdiction to try him for recruiting child soldiers.

Mr Norman's defence team argued that the crime was not part of customary international law.