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30 May 2012 description

Executive Summary

Domestic violence is one of the biggest threats to women’s health and well-being. Globally, approximately 1 in 3 women will experience violence during her lifetime, often at the hands of an intimate partner.the cost of this violence on women, on communities and on the development of nations—especially those recovering from conflict—is too high to accept.

20 May 2008 description

By Alyson Zureick

On a bright morning in late April, thirty mothers and their young children gather outside the house of a local chief in Kono District in rural eastern Sierra Leone. The children twist and turn anxiously as their mothers undress them and hand them to workers from the local health unit.

22 Sep 2006 description

NEW YORK 22 Sep 2006 - The International Rescue Committee received the largest private donation in its history after the NoVo Foundation pledged $15 million over six years to support IRC's work with children and youth in West Africa.

12 Jun 2006 description

Fifteen-year old Ben works from dawn to dusk in a brick factory in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. He pours mud into molds and hauls and piles up bricks for hours without a bathroom break or a meal. He earns 50 cents a day.

"It is very hard work," he says. "My parents died during the war, so I have to work like a man in order to look after my young brothers."

Ben is one of the tens of thousands of children forced to work manual labor jobs under harsh conditions across West Africa.

31 Dec 2004 description

The IRC's Impact

In 2004, IRC humanitarian aid programs restored hope and opportunity for more than 15 million conflict-affected individuals around the world, and millions more were helped by the 5,600 local organizations and community groups that the IRC supports. Here's a look at some of the IRC's most recent achivements:

- More than 4.3 million people gained access to clean water and sanitation through our environmental health programs.

02 Nov 2004 description

An IRC-organized campaign in Sierra Leone to prevent Lassa, a dangerous viral hemorrhagic fever spread by rats, has resulted in significant drops in the disease.

Working together with the refugee community, the IRC launched an awareness campaign last August and has since exterminated 120,000 rats in eight high-risk refugee camps housing some 60,000 Liberian refugees.

"Surveys show a significant increase in public knowledge about the disease and the number of Lassa fever incidents has fallen," says IRC's Biserka Pop-Stefanija who runs the program.

The IRC-managed …

29 Jun 2004 description

The International Rescue Committee is profoundly saddened to report that two of its staff members were among the 24 people tragically killed today in Sierra Leone in the crash of a UN-chartered helicopter.

19 Jun 2004 description

During Sierra Leone's decade-long civil war, the diamond-rich Kono District in the country's Eastern Province was ravaged by rebel factions who were drawn to the area's natural wealth. Though the rebels withdrew in 2002, Kono, like other districts in the region, continues its struggle to overcome the effects of many years of violence and destruction, in addition to the problems of disease and lack of access to health care and sanitation.

02 Nov 2003 description

Over 13,000 children and youth began IRC-supported classes last week as the official school year got underway in Liberia. For many, it was the first time they were able to attend school in more than two years as a result of the fighting.
More than 2,000 students, a combination of Sierra Leonean refugees and displaced Liberians are taking IRC classes at Banjor camp northwest of Monrovia. "How many vowels are there in the English language?" teacher Togba Swen asks one of the classes.

30 Sep 2003 description

To the United States Congress:

12 Mar 2003 description

A man looked at a video screen on a camcorder in shock and wonder. He started crying. "That's my daughter in there," he said. "I had no idea that she was still alive." After learning that the IRC was caring for her since her release by rebel forces in Sierra Leone, he begged her to come home. The IRC videotaped this plea to show his daughter, and eventually was able to reunite them.

03 Jun 2002 description

Over the past decade, as civil war was decimating Sierra Leonean communities, the IRC was the sole provider of formal schooling for tens of thousands of refugee children whose families had fled to Guinea.

28 Jun 2001 description

Over 130 recently demobilized former child soldiers have been transferred to the International Rescue Committee's interim care centers in eastern and southern Sierra Leone.

01 Jun 2001 description

June 1, 2001 - The International Rescue Committee is set to receive an estimated 100 former child soldiers out of nearly 600 children who were unexpectedly freed by Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front rebels in the past two weeks.

27 Feb 2001 description

The International Rescue Committee reports the situation is dire for half a million Liberian and Sierra Leonean refugees and thousands of Guineans who are fleeing a resumption of violence in southeastern Guinea.

21 Feb 2001 description

Nearly one in three children born in Sierra Leone's diamond-rich Kenema district died last year before reaching their first birthday, the International Rescue Committee said today.